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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Somewhere in the middle lies the answer - {REVISED}

{But try really hard not to be---ok?}

So the whole world is seemingly at odds over this whole Meryl Streep Golden Globes speech.

I did not watch the Golden Globes, but I did catch up on the "hoopla" that was her Golden Globes Speech.

Now let me start by saying, I love, love, love Meryl Streep.  She's one of my all-time favorite actresses.  Hands down.  I truly think she's a treasure.  So when reading President Elect Trump called her "overrated" makes me sad, because I think we can all agree, that the woman can ACT!  I mean, lets be honest here...she's just insanely talented.

So here's my take on it....

#1) Do I think that the Golden Globes is THE PLACE to deliver a political message....no, I do not.

{I personally really enjoyed these two award show speeches:}

and this one
{But that's just me}

#2) Do I think she's entitled to express her heartfelt message that she gave, Yes.  Aren't we all entitled to that?

#3) Do I think that Hollywood may be out of touch with the struggles of average Americans....yes, not all, but sadly I believe in part they just might be.

#4) Do I think that Donald Trump should have made fun of a disabled journalist if he did, no, I do not.

#5) Do I think this country has a lot to learn about "respect"....yes.

#6) Do I think that things will get better by emotionally charged political speeches on award shows, Nah.  I mean, Golden Globes are hardly the State of the Union, you know what I mean?  I don't decide my political views based off celebrities!  I mean, those people ACT for a living, they PRETEND to be other people and they live in imaginary worlds.  Being a "public" figure doesn't make you a "Political figure" in my approximation.

#7) Do I think you give two shits about my opinion on this topic, NOPE!  I have no inflated notion of my own importance....and am not disillusioned about my own world-wide insignificance.  But that's the beauty of America, you can say what you want!  Meryl Streep can say what she wants.....Hillary Clinton can say what she wants....clearly Donald Trump is saying what he wants on Twitter.....Oprah has her own damn channel...pretty sure she can say whatever she wants to too.  And trust me, I don't agree with half of the things any of them are saying, but Freedom of Speech is not about always agreeing with what's being said.

The point of all of that, was to say this.....Say what you want, have your own opinion.  Stand up for what you believe in, shout it from rooftops if you feel you must, but the only way freedom of speech is a equal opportunity notion, is if it applies to not just you, but people who disagree with you.  The beauty of FREEDOM is that it's for everyone.  And this is where RESPECT comes in....and oh my is our country lacking in respect, in my opinion.  I feel that IF you have respect for others, you can live in the same world with someone who vehemently disagrees with you without issue.

There are always TWO sides to a story they say....I try to never assume that I know both sides of that story.  I always leave room for understanding.  I respect that others may not feel as I do.  I know that when I make a stand, I very well could be standing out there all alone, but I know that it's my right to do so.  People fought and died for that right, I RESPECT the gift that it is, I HONOR that gift with careful thought and consideration for what I say, who I say it to and when to say it!  

Anyone can run off at the mouth, but the truest way to speak to the hearts of others, is to know your audience, be very aware of your timing, and always allow others to know that you are speaking from your heart, and that you're speaking TO them, NOT AT THEM, and absolutely not FOR them.  Leave room for people to have their own opinion....and to make up their own minds.

For example, I am perfectly fine with you who may be reading this to say "That Heather, she's full of shit she is!...Who does she think she is?  What makes her the authority on public speaking and etiquette on such?"  And I can reply to that with..."you're absolutely right!  I'm NOT the authority on the subject, or any subject for that matter, but my words are just my own personal belief." and then I would say, "what's your take on things?"  "Where do you and I differ?"  "Where do we agree?"

Everyone talks about "WORLD PEACE"....and I just worry that we won't ever be able to get there.  Ever notice how so many people seem to be so up in arms about things, so offended, so outraged.  I mean, people are pissed the hell off about something Meryl Streep said on an award show! lol  WHY!?!  Who cares what Meryl Streep said.  {No offence Meryl, I love you as an actress...but that doesn't mean we agree on politics...I'll give her this though, she did deliver her opinion beautifully....but even beautifully given it had it's share of conflicting agendas...that I think even Meryl herself couldn't hear even though her mouth was saying it.}

**Wonders, can someone get a golden globe for a Golden Globe acceptance speech?**

If it doesn't mean anything to you, if you don't believe it, why try so hard to disprove it?!  Why are you even bothered by it?  What in YOU, wants to fire back?  

I have a theory:  In this situation, one of two things happened when she gave her speech, either #1) - you felt what was said was presented as a fact when in fact it was an opinion.  And you feel the need to right that misconception, OR #2)  What was said told you that you were wrong, or belittled something/someone you love, something you believe in to your core that is sacred to you.

Did you watch Meryl's speech.  Did it ignite a fire in you?  Were you cheering her on?  Were you shooting daggers out your eyeballs at her?
Or did you roll your eyes and be like...Oh, who the hell cares!

You know what I did after I watched it?  I said "Hmmm"...and I didn't say a word until now.  I thought about it, I took it in.  And at the end of the day, I chalked it up to "hey, that's how Meryl feels.  She wanted us to know how she feels, and now we do.
does her opinion really matter to me all that much, not really.
No need to make a federal case of it.
ACTORS...always so "dramatic!"

ON A SIDE NOTE:  She could have skipped the snobby jab at the MMA as NOT being "the arts"....I mean, why pissing off a bunch of dudes who can beat the ever living tar out of you seemed like a good idea I'll never know.  It just goes to show, even Meryl, who was upset about something Trump said to a disabled journalist, voiced her opinion about how upsetting it was to her, and somehow in her doing so, she said something that now the MMA community is upset with her about!  Isn't that madness?  Even crazier, I could publish this, and because of something Meryl said about something Trump said, that pissed off MMA fighters, that I reflected on, could make you mad at me, and the whole thing just snowballs into a gigantic avalanche of absurdity that buries us all in a bunch of talk that doesn't amount to anything but more talk.

You can read more about that here:  mma fighters hit back at meryl streep following golden globes jab

I wholeheartedly believe peace starts WITHIN each of us....I don't need to scream what I believe from rooftops to feel validated.  I don't have to have anyone agree with me to be at peace with my own beliefs and truth.  

And a big shout out for Freedom of Speech, that allows me to have this silly little blog, so I can spout off whatever "OPINION" I may have.
And your right to NOT read what I write!


This was just posted by one of my facebook friends' page...
perhaps if we all took our OPINIONS and followed this simple advice....
We'd find we never choke on our own words?

This being her opinion about other people's opinion! lol


See, even people who hate opinions have opinions about those opinions!

But that's just MY opinion! lol

What's yours?

I'm all ears!

Respectfully Yours,



  1. Well for one thing the media made up the disabled jesters and put his arms doing that and never happened that way at all. Donald Trump gets sick of crooked media making up a story to make him look bad and gets away with it again and again......

    1. You're right, I should have said "IF" he made fun of a disabled journalist. I rightfully have no idea if he did or didn't. I wasn't there. I didn't see it with my own two eyes. Point taken! My apologies. :)


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