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Monday, January 9, 2017

Recipe for a Great Weekend

Let's start today's post with my mood given to you in the form of song:

Bruno, go ahead, show em!

All Monday Mornings should start out with Bruno Mars....the world would be a better place.

 So this past weekend, was fantastic!  Why you might ask....Was it because I bought a new car?


However, I love my new 2014 Chevy Cruz
I love that it has a remote car starter even more on a cold morning like this morning!

Was it because the weather rocked, uhhhh....definitely not that!  It was freezing balls out!  So that wasn't it.

It was because something magical happened in our cozy little abode over on West Clime Street.....and while this might not sound like much to you, in my world, it was pure bliss.  Friday night, I fell asleep on the couch...and slept there all night!  Ok, before you judge and think I'm THE most boring and overly excitable person in the world, let me explain myself.  So for like far far far too many weeks on end I have had "something" to set the alarm for.  I had some obligation, be it work, or Dr. Apt's, family get together, meeting a client....or SOMETHING that I had to do!  Well not this past weekend, I had the absolute luxury to fall asleep on the couch, NOT set an alarm, and wake up whatever time I wanted to the next day.  It's the little things people!  If you have not fell asleep on your couch and just totally vegged out like it's your job, I highly recommend it!  Like Seriously!

Second on my list of things you absolutely NEED in your life is this:

  Waxy chocolate covered doughnuts!  Entenmann's are by far THE ONLY chocolate doughnut you should ever put in your mouth!  They have the yellow cake centers.....they have that terrible for you chocolate that make your teeth feel fuzzy after...dipped in milk, and you're sure to have a mini-orgasm!  So you're going to want to go pick a box of these up as soon as earthly possible.  Oh, and eating them after waking up on the couch after sleeping there all night, while the sun shines through the living room windows with your husband who slept all night in his recliner.....is a special kind of amazing....


So, while I'm recommending things that are food, and/or food for the soul, let me offer you something else to make your insides a little better....."The Fundamentals of Caring".....it's a movie.  It's on Netflix....if you've not seen a movie lately that you just really enjoyed, then m'friends, this is what you need to watch.  It's one of those movies you'll be glad you watched.  TRUST ME!  It's one of those movies that you'll just enjoy.  Plus, who doesn't love Paul Rudd, seriously, I friggin love that guy!

For those of you who want to IMPROVE your world knowledge, then the movie "The Big Short" is for you!  The premise of the show is 100% dull as nails when it's proposed to you...."it's a movie about the housing crash/bubble of 2007" you probably fell asleep before even finishing that sentence didn't you?!  Well WAKE UP!!!!!!!!  It's not nearly as dull as you might imagine.  It's actually kind of fascinating.  I learned a lot, I feel like I have a new understanding of something I had NO understanding of prior....and well who doesn't like to be a little smarter after wasting 2 hours watching a movie?  Our brains do crave new information.....and cautionary tales are ones we should pay attention to.....seems how they directly affect us as the Housing Crash did to so so many people in this country.  And to up the ante it has Ryan Gosling in it....need I say more?  I didn't think so!

Last....any good weekend should go out on a high note....that's where Cabo comes in!

Last night, with the joyous company of my hubby, his brother and sister-in-law, we chowed down on some seriously good Mexican!

And my friends, THAT is how you do a weekend!

Good food, good friends, good entertainment, rest, relaxation and soul food!  If only ever weekend could be so A+++!!

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