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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What is it about a house that makes it home?

So three years ago, before I was a Realtor, my now Husband and myself bought a house together.  We couldn't have been more different when it comes to tastes in homes:  I like two story homes, he likes Ranches.  I wanted a house in town, he wanted a house in the country....just to name a few

Now before you think, the girl's nuts!  How can she grow up at Woods & Waters and WANT to live in town....and here's why....I like people.  Sincerely, I really do.  I like to wave to my neighbors, I love it when my neighbor Bell comes over on her golf cart to visit or to offer me some wonderful produce from her garden, or Uncle Mike swings over and pitches in and helps my husband Jerimy hang a sheet of paneling.  Town is full of "PEOPLE" life, while Country is full of PLANT and ANIMAL life.  And "MARBLE TOWN" is full of AWESOME PEOPLE.  No matter what you've heard, no matter the stigma, "Marble-Towners" are the kind of neighbors you want to have!

The home we bought in the country was everything my husband wanted, ranch, brick, in a woods, with nearly 6 acres of land for him to hunt deer, target shoot, have bonfires, what have you.  It is private, it's surrounded by nature...it was paradise.

It's where my husband proposed to me, it's where I could listen to owls hoot outside my window, where I tried my hand at being a chicken farmer....for the past three years, it's been our home...yet, somehow....the whole first year my husband kept saying, "I miss Clime Street" (the house we lived in before we moved to the new house in the country).  I thought it would wear off and he'd forget Clime Street.  But before you know it, at year two, I was saying...."I miss Clime Street too"....We gave it another year, and we both still hadn't gotten over Clime Street.  And for those of you who know us, know where our house is on Clime, you know it's nothing special, it's tiny (under 1,000 Square Feet), 2 bedroom, 1 bath, built sometime in the 1920's....it's tan.....and needs new carpet.  So why you might ask, why on God's green earth did you miss it so?  My answer..."I have no idea...."  Maybe it's because that's where I fell in love with my husband, maybe it's ALL the memories we made there....but I tell you, that little house, where all our love started....it holds a special place in my heart.

So, this year, upon doing some major consideration, I said "F**K it, lets just move back to Clime Street"....(my apologies for the language....I curse sometimes).  And last Thursday, that's what we did!  We moved HOME!

It's been absolutely awful moving.  I HATE MOVING!  I feel that all CAPS isn't enough emphasis on just how much I HATE MOVING...but you'll have to take my word for it....wait, maybe I'll make it big, bold AND in all caps....


followed by this really rage-ey looking fella

and a few others for laughs:


So anyway, Jerimy and I are knee deep in a sea of boxes.....we've downsized from a 1600+ Square foot home to a 975 Square foot home and now I'm faced with the daunting task of purging.  Never mind that for the past 4 months I purged everything I THOUGHT wouldn't fit in the new/old house.

But, I digress....the point of this post is that every house isn't for everyone!  Sometimes what you think you want, isn't what you want at all....and honestly if you never take the leap, and TRY things, you'll never know if it's your cup of tea or not.  I've lived in both the country and in town, I know my options.  Jerimy never had lived in the boondocks, and now he knows, he may be more of a town guy than he originally thought.  And that's ok!  I'm glad he knows now where he wants to be, because now we can be where we are, and KNOW we're where we're supposed to be.

Now our house in the country can become inhabited by some other family, maybe a family with kids who want to climb trees, and have chickens, they will paint the walls, and arrange their furniture just so, and they will make our house, their home.

Meanwhile, Jerimy and I will be living happily ever after here: