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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Flooding - 2015

Never in my 37 years have I seen flooding like this in our area, the rain just keeps on coming!

Here's a compilation of all the facebook photos I've seen submitted on my Friends' pages, thought I'd put them all there in one place so they could be viewed a little easier!

If you're the religious type, pray it stops raining!
I don't think we can take much more of this....
In fact, I know we can't.

Ulm's #1
My Friend Matt's Truck

309 by Lima News - Taken by my friend Jen

My Friend Tonia's View from her house back in the housing area 
behind the Dairy King in Lima

Matt's Picnic Table
 My friend Matt's new mode of transportation
 Matt's house

 Well, if you can't leave to get dinner, might as well catch some

FISH swimming in the front yard at Matt's

7".....What the???!??!??!?!
C'mon Mother Nature, we need a friggin break!

Knippen Chrysler, Delphos Corner of SR 66 & 5th Street (Lincoln Hwy)

My Friend Tony's Basement. :(

Near Waterworks Park

Ulm's #1

Mox's Nursery Just West of Delphos on Lincoln Hwy

Water Rescue


South Bredeick Street
My Friend Sheri's House/Barn

Delphos Mobile Home Park Next to Canal

Water Rescue

From the Allen County Engineer's Office - Grubb Road:

When you can't cry, moan or bitch anymore, best just to try to find some humor....