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Well let’s see. I was born during the Blizzard of 1978 in Lima, Ohio. I have lived in Ohio all my life. I like it here. We have corn fields instead of oceans, overpasses instead of mountains and fog instead of smog. Sure it's not the promise land, but sometimes one doesn't need postcard worthy beauty on the outside to have it elsewhere. I'm a writer for fun, a Paralegal for profession, and while one pays the bills, one feeds my imagination, or perhaps my imagination feeds my writing...either way, Writing is as much of who I am as the color of my eyes, or the way that I smile. Blogs are great communication tools, and I'm here to communicate with YOU...yeah, you who's reading this right now....*assuming anyone's out there* *crickets chirp* Alrightee then, IF anyone should find themselves here, be it by accident or on purpose, welcome, glad to have you aboard. Throw anchor, stay awhile! Sunshine & Smiles, ~Heather Lynn~

Monday, January 30, 2017

Heather the Explorer

So in case you haven't heard, I recently resigned from my job as a Real Estate Agent.  It was time.

One of the reasons I quit was so I could do some traveling this summer and go have some fun in the RV my hubs and I bought ourselves for our wedding present to each other.  

Our first trip I THINK is going to be White Water Rafting in West Virginia.  Have any of you ever been?

I'm so excited I can't stand it!  Winter has that effect on me, being cooped up inside leaves you DYING to get outside!  The idea of being in short sleeves, on a river, and the possibility of there being sunshine....well to a winter sufferer like myself, it's just such a wonderful day dream to have.  All the vitamin D, antidepressants and alcohol in the world isn't enough sometimes to get you through WINTER.  The older I get, I think the worse it gets.  The longer winter seems to drag on, even though I'm sure it's not any longer or colder than it's been here the past 38 winters.  Funny how much our perspective changes with each passing year that goes by.  I think this year especially has been dismal because of all the negativity that is surrounding us.  All the political talk, all the hate/anger, all the pointing of fingers and blame being passed around.  So instead of allowing that to get at me, I'm going to daydream about a river, and a boat, and sunshine, and the idea that it won't be long and I'll be on that river, flying through rapids, waking up alongside my love, in an RV, in another state.

I intend on bringing my laptop on our travels this summer, and I hope to find creativity and enhance my imagination and do a little writing while out and about in the the world and on the road.

perhaps drink a little coffee, while sitting at THIS table:
can you picture the steam coming up from my coffee cup on another awesome summer morning.  I'll be wearing my flannel Chicago bears PJ pants and one of my husbands old T-shirts.
My laptop will be humming....
words furiously being typed onto the screen....

The world will be quiet except for some birds chirping announcing the morning has arrived.

The smell of smoldering campfires still hanging in the air.

ahhhhhhhhh....doesn't that just sound like heaven?

I cannot WAIT to go!

Anyone want to recommend some places for us to put on our calendar this summer?

Oh, how I'm dreaming of summer....


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