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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wetzel 2012

The problem with Wetzel is what happens at Wetzel, doesn't stay at Wetzel.

Wetzel looks very much like a red carpet event there's so much paparazzi!  Camera's flashing with amazing speed in the hands of wide eyed and stoned slitted eyed fascination.  Except Wetzel's red carpet doesn't have movie stars, instead there are naked people with interesting piercings and tattoos.  Some nakedness that's pleasing to the eye, (pretty topless hula hooping lady) while others being enough to make you go blind if you were to look at it for too long!

If what happened at Wetzel, stayed at Wetzel I wouldn't have a particularly quite graphic scene that keeps playing in my mind, that a gallon of Clorox and shock therapy couldn't cleanse me from witnessing.....

And while I am plagued by the vision of what I saw, I'm fairly certain, there's a couple guys' penises that are either burning when they pee, or falling off by what I saw them do with them. 

One good thing though that comes from witnessing such things is that I can look at my own life, and reflect, and say to myself, Giiirl, no matter what wrong choices you have made in your life, at least you've made better choices than those people are making right now, right in front of you.  So that's good right?  Also, I wasn't alone in witnessing what I did, I sat next to Jerimy's friend "Chubby", who I really must say, there's nothing like witnessing a live gang bang to really bond two people for life.  I feel like he and I have been in the trenches together, and while we both may be scarred for life, I do feel as though it brought us closer. *laughs and snorts a little*  The more I'm around Jerimy's friends, the more I like them...

So many people ask me, WHY DO YOU LIKE GOING TO A PLACE LIKE THAT?!  And honestly, it's just one of those things that I can't entirely put my finger on.  It's a feeling, an energy I think that you get from a place like that.  To be surrounded by people who are so free.....and unrestrained, and even reckless....you can't help but feel the energy 10,000 people like that will emit.

With no cops on the grounds, and it being private property, the rules of society don't exactly apply.  With tall fences sectioning you off from the outside world, when you're at Wetzelland, you're no longer in the REAL world, you're somewhere else entirely!

I love all the bikes, and the music, and the tattoos.

This year was the first year I rode through those gates on my own Harley, and let me tell you, that's one badass feeling to know that you've arrived.  I've always wanted a Harley of my own, I've always wanted to one day ride into Wetzel on my own two wheels, and I've finally done it.  I actually have had one of my life long dreams come true.  How's that for summertime awesomeness?

My little Piglet took me there and back, safe, sound, with a few bruises, but all in one piece.

Looking forward to 2013.

~Heather Lynn~

A special thank you going out to Jerimy, for being the person I ride beside.  Well, sometimes I ride behind him, but that's mostly just because he's fast and sometimes I have trouble keeping up. *smiles*

I'm so happy that when I go on life's little adventures like this, HE's the one that's with me.



  1. Mom, when I grow up I want to be a biker bi$2ch...I but talk like that went over well around the dinner table.

    1. B - *Laughs* Um, in fact, no it sure DID NOT go over well. The first time I told my mom I wanted to be a biker, I was at the grocery store, dressed in my sunday best, and I said, "Mom when I grow up, I want to go to wetzel!" She covered my mouth and then told the stunned bystanders that I didn't know what I was saying! and I said, "yeah I do, I want to be like THEM!" and pointed to a group of bikers riding past.

      you couldn't be more right on the money, No momma wants her daughter to grow up to be a biker! ha,ha!

      I may not of turned out quite like the "perfect daughter", but I am who I am, and I think the world around me's accepting of that. :)


  2. Heather...good seeing u out there, It is a land of constant amazement...isn't it? I went for several years in a row back 20 years ago,than Shelby was born and I didn't go again until last year(she is 17 now).I went for several years at the old pond(Vorst pond). I have witnessed everything possible out there and always look back and smile. Shandi and I had a blast this year and the Gunz have played on thursday night for 2 yrs. now. I have a question...what year is ur Sportster??? I owned a 78 Shovel AMF XLH...loved it...and a 91 FXSTC(Softail Custom Evo) and put 20000 miles on it in 2 summers...I miss it soooo much...;))) Talk to ya soon dear.

    1. Alan - Oh I can't tell you how happy I am to get a comment on here from you....my first from you! woohooo! SCORE!! :)

      I've had so many eye opening experiences by going to Wetzel, and while I wouldn't necessarily DO what people there do, they never leave me without experiences and tales to tell....and regardless of the content, tales and memories are the things that make up our lives....when we're old, we'll be lucky to remember them! Plus, I want to be the only old lady at the nursing home that can talk about the time I saw....{INSERT CRAZY WETZEL ACT HERE}....life's short, I try to live mine to the fullest. Wetzel makes a full life fuller! ;)

      My Sporster's a 90. And if I ever had to go back to not having a bike, it'd be a sad, sad thing....20k in 2 summers...you were a riding machine!! :) Good for you though, so many people go through life and never know the thrill it is to go down the road on 2 wheels.

      Talk to you soon as well!

      ~Heather Lynn~

  3. Heather....riding does ROCK!!!! wow...that's a 90...from the pics it looks like iron jugs and shovel heads...go figure...my eyes must be going bad...hahahahaha sweet scoot!!!!

    1. if you're eyes are going bad, it's from those two summers and 20k miles going fast, drying em out! ;) And thank you....the little guy's called "the piglet"...I'll be sure to pass on your sentiment to him. He takes compliments better than I do...you know how women are! *smiles*


    2. I rode my Softail EVERYWHERE. I have sooo many stories with that bike and the Sporty as well. I remember the times at the OLD pond the best...$20 covered all weekend and all u could drink draft beer...it was great...I videotaped a lot and took a billion pics. I remember a lot from new pond as well...my fav band I ever saw there was FOGHAT...they tore that place up. I wouldn't trade those memories for the world....and this year has to rank in the top 2....Shandi and I had an absolute GREAT time...;)

    3. I really wish I would of gotten to see you guys play Thursday night, be we didn't make it out there til Friday. Hopefully next year! and as far a shandi and you's year.....it's nice to share an adventure together isn't it? :)


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