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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Date Night:

The best dates I've ever had, have NOT been dinner and a movie.  Maybe I'm too nontraditional for that.

Friday night, Jerimy and I decided to go out for a ride on our motorcycles together.  I was really looking forward to our time together.  It'd been a long week by the time Friday rolled around, and a night spent with him, doing anything sounded great.

At the last minute, Jerimy's friend Matt mentioned riding along with us with his fiance Josey...and by 10:30 p.m. we were on our bikes, about to head out into the night together.

Jerimy asked where I wanted to go, and I said, The Aqueduct!  It's my newest most favoritest place currently.  I'd already been there earlier in the week, but I'd not been there at night time since I was a little girl, so it sounded appealing.

As we headed out in that direction, I got up next to Jerimy and said "Lets go to Bloody Bridge First!"  He nodded over the roar of our dual engines and we continued to drive off into the pitch darkness of night, guided only by our headlamps, and a vague familiarity of the area....which remarkably looks not just like a different landscape, but like a different WORLD after dark.

There was no moon, yet we managed to eventually arrive at our destination.  BLOODY BRIDGE!

I took this picture many years ago, but it is of the monument that sits along side of the bridge, telling the grizzly tale of a love triangle gone wrong, and a man wielding an ax, beheading his adversary.  Pretty neat for rural no-where's-ville Ohio!  Matt and Josey had never been out this way, and didn't know the story of the bridge, or even of it's existence, so Jerimy and I were happy to bring them up to speed.  As it neared midnight, we decided to wait and see if some of the stories were true, if in fact at midnight, you could hear the voices of the ghosts of Blood Bridge.  We're no ghost hunters, but we are curious people, and it was Friday the 13th, and we had nowhere to be, so Bloody Bridge we figured was as good a place as any to hang out awhile.

We waited ....counting down the minutes until midnight....shuffling nervously, yet bravely around the bridge, under and on top, along side, etc.  We shined our flashlights, and told ghost stories we'd heard over our lifetimes to one another until it was 11:58 p.m. on Friday the 13th, standing in the dark, the four of us on a desolate bridge.  We fell silent as we waited out the next two minutes.

the seconds ticked down.....nobody made a sound.  As midnight hit, we held our breath....and then.....

Absolutely not a bloody thing!

So we said, "Ah, well lets head down to the Aqueduct!"

And we did.

Which was nice, the water's roar, drowned out the noise in my head from the long week, just like the roar of my Harley's engine....We paired off, Josey and Matt sat quietly together along the falls on one side, while Jerimy and I sat close on the other.  We talked, and sat together, and I was in heaven.  The long and trying week, had chewed me up early on, and at the week's end, it spit me back out right next to Jerimy, in nature, under a dark yet starry night, sitting close to one another and still.....together.

Which if you ask me, is the THE BEST place on earth to be.

~Heather Lynn~


  1. I think there has to be a full moon for you to be able to see her head roll across the bridge. I don't think I've ever heard anything about Friday the 13th. But reading this, I had super goosebumps on my arms and lightning down my back!! Backwoods Ohio's claim to fame!

    1. You should of been there! There was just this "feeling" in the air, maybe it was the fact that we where there with two people who'd never been there before, maybe it was because it was friday the 13th, or a combination of it all, but there was just "this feeling" that I think we all felt standing there in the dark. As an adult, we never get that "scared" feeling like we do so often when we're kids...it's kind of fun to get the ole heart racing again...to feel like a kid again. I was really glad we went out there. Did you read my Friday the 13th post? Guess who ELSE has 13 letters in their name besides me? Yup! Jerimy! aren't we just a pair!!? :)


  2. this brought memories back when I first heard about it when I was kid. I always heard you go on the night it happened you will hear or see odd things. Still hearing about bloody bridge freaks me out even driving past it does. When I was teenager we would always yell bloody bridge.

    1. Anonymous - Have you ever went out there at night? It's eerie, that much I can tell you. Especially on a dark, dark night.

      Once me and my little sister were coming back from celina lake festival, it was late, around midnight, and the radio died as we approached the bridge, then we heard a baby crying coming through the speakers, then when we passed the bridge, the radio went dead silent, and then picked up the radio station again! Freaked us RIGHT OUT now! we had goosebumps and everything! :)

      I don't know you you are since you didn't leave your name with your comment, but thanks for coming by and commenting, it's always nice to find new conversation to old posts! :)


    2. sorry Heather for to put my name it Shell..my bad.

    3. No need for apologies! :) Happy for the comments, even if they are anonymous ones! ;)


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