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Well let’s see. I was born during the Blizzard of 1978 in Lima, Ohio. I have lived in Ohio all my life. I like it here. We have corn fields instead of oceans, overpasses instead of mountains and fog instead of smog. Sure it's not the promise land, but sometimes one doesn't need postcard worthy beauty on the outside to have it elsewhere. I'm a writer for fun, a Paralegal for profession, and while one pays the bills, one feeds my imagination, or perhaps my imagination feeds my writing...either way, Writing is as much of who I am as the color of my eyes, or the way that I smile. Blogs are great communication tools, and I'm here to communicate with YOU...yeah, you who's reading this right now....*assuming anyone's out there* *crickets chirp* Alrightee then, IF anyone should find themselves here, be it by accident or on purpose, welcome, glad to have you aboard. Throw anchor, stay awhile! Sunshine & Smiles, ~Heather Lynn~

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today, I had to get out of the office, I just couldn't breathe it felt like...so I set out to find a park nearby.  I don't know Lima all that well, so I figured today I'd just scout locations, and hopefully find a location that felt like "me"...I got lucky and found Schoonover Park where I found a shady spot to sit, and a picturesque scene that I could stare at indefinitely.

While sitting there contemplating my future.....and the immediate disarray of my mind today, I heard footsteps approach me, I wasn't in "the best" part of town, so I stiffened and turned cautiously to see who was about to be upon me, to find this:

She climbed in my lap, and purred as I stroked her, and then she climbed off me, purred some more and sat next to me.  She started out at the water the same as I did, perhaps she too had a lot on her mind.  She just stayed next to me until it was time for me to go back to work, her side against my side.

The water and view was nice, but the company from a furry stranger who I suspected knew I needed a friend....well, it was a blessing I hadn't expected today.

So just wanted to send a special thank you out to my little friend, who lifted my spirits just by sitting quietly by me when I needed it most.

~Heather Lynn~


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  2. :) Awww....someone was looking out for you today.

  3. Angie - thanks for coming and leaving a comment today, guess today I had YOU and a cat in my corner. *hugs*



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