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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


As I sit here at my desk, and close my eyes, I imagine what "could" be happening at my house right now.  See, last week, I was looking at one of those "online garage" sale sites on facebook, and I came across this guy:

He's a half German Shepherd, half Boxer six month old soon to be orphan.  And when I say orphan, I mean he's going to the pound on Friday if nobody takes him.  I don't know why THIS dog, or why RIGHT now, but I was just really torn up about the idea of him going to the pound, like I just couldn't let HIM go....so I contacted the people and I went to meet him last night.  Not having any idea why I needed a second dog, but I just felt like I had to at least meet him.....and who knows, maybe I wouldn't be able to walk away cuz he'd be so terrific.

So, well, I didn't walk away, and not because he was so "terrific" but because he was so I don't know...he seemed like he hadn't found his niche in the world yet.  I know that feeling, bouncing around, floating through life, not ever really knowing who you belong to, where you belong, or how long you'll be where you are.  He was timid at first, and he shed like crazy when I petted him, but the next thing I knew, he and I were riding in the back seat of my neon while Jerimy drove us back to Delphos.  I worked out a deal for us to have an overnight trial run.  I wanted him to meet my boy "Chubs" my other dog that I adopted a few years ago.

The first meeting did NOT go so hot.  Lots of barking and snapping and growling and me being half scared out of my wits, and half determined to not give up...to keep trying with the boys.  After some serious socialization, they began to get along good, they went in the back yard and played like brothers, it was sweet to see them running hot laps around my one tree, and tongues hanging out, panting like they were going to have a stroke!

I had my dear friend Donna come by, Donna is basically the dog whisperer of Delphos, I knew if anyone would know what ole "New Guy Dog" was capable of, it would be her.  She truly is amazing.  After awhile, she analyzed him and said that with some work, and some determination, he could be turn out to be a good dog, but that it wouldn't be an easy fix (food aggression issues and just plain ole "I'm a big puppy syndrome").

I don't know what it is about him, but he is just endearing to me, even though he's destroyed all the solar lights in my back yard, ate a planting pot, tried to bite Chub's head off for sniffing in his direction when I tried to feed him a handful of dog food, he peed on my floor at 5:30 this morning and has been eyeballing the trash like that's his next covert operation.  I swear he's "Marley", but he's like lovable too, like you want to kill him, but you just can't be mad at him for more than 3 seconds.  I especially thought I was going to kill him when he got away from me this morning, while I was wearing only a bathrobe, with my hair up in a towel, and barefooted as he dashed across the street and I feared was gone for good.  He did come back, but I had to tackle him to the ground, and I'm not entirely sure that the Delphos City cop that was driving by didn't see my lady parts a little bit.  Oh, such a fun way to start one's morning! *blushes*  Thank god it was a lady cop!

My current "roommate" residing at my house is less than impressed by my decision to add a new guy to the family....very less than impressed.  So that's weighing heavily on my mind, the fact that he's a total bull in a china shop SHOULD bother me, he sheds like mad, he is a landscape wrecker and food hoarder....but when he opens that big yapper of his, I'm like..."you're cute!"

He's like an evil boyfriend that you think is too cute for you, so you let em get away with murder.  I'm a weak woman, and I fear I've fallen for a very rebellious handsome mutt who will surely turn my life upside down.

What am I gonna do?

I have to decide by tonight, do I take him back to his owners who can't keep him and are taking him to the pound on Friday?  Do I keep him and anger my housemate?  Am I insane?  I'm never home, I wasn't even in the market for another dog....yet here I am, contemplating turning my life upside down for a fur-face that will surely make my life completely different.

Then again, I could get home to find THIS:

and the decision will be a lot clearer! 

I sure hope he stayed in his kennel today and didn't escape and destroy my house and all my belongings while I'm at work!

Torn in Delphos,
~Heather Lynn~


UPDATE:  As of 6/27/12, "TYSON" (his new name) was happily adopted by a very nice family, with two sons and he's enrolled in puppy obedience classes with my friend Donna, who will work WONDERS with this family, and with my boy, whom I grew to love in the short time I knew him, TYSON!

Miss you buddy, my house is quiet without you!

If anyone is interested in taking their "Marley" to get some training, Go see Donna at:

or look her up on facebook!

If you have a Krazy Kanine, she's the answer to your prayers!
If it weren't for her, yesterday woudn't of went as well as it did, and "TYSON" would still just be a dog who needed a chance, a dog without a home.

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