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Thursday, June 7, 2012

I met someone...sort of....

{one of my most treasured quotes}
{Sometimes while you're our there wandering...you find the path you were meant to take}

Awhile back, when mulling over choices of WHAT to do with my book when I finished writing it, I had a chain of events that happened that has me feeling like fate has smiled upon me.

I was contemplating setting up a website / e-store myself and giving that whirl, which lead me to David Wagner, of TechGuy Solutions, he's a local computer genius who has designed many local business websites, so I contacted him about what it would take to do what I wanted/needed mine to do.  Him being the gracious awesome guy that he is, talked to me about things, quoted me a ballpark price at what something like that would take to develop and then said, "Hey, I just did a website for another local Author, her name's Beth, she's a great woman, why don't you pop on over to her website and take a look at it, see what you think."

So I did, and he was right, #1) she's great, and #2) the website was pretty great too!

He also mentioned that since she was published, it might be beneficial for me to speak with her, David told me that he was sure that she would be open to speaking with me if I contacted her.  So I did.  I sent off an email to a stranger.  A stranger that had done what I aspired to ....to PUBLISH A BOOK.  Which let me tell you, is no small feat!

To my luck and surprise, Beth Huffman actually wrote me back, rather promptly I might add, which was both exciting and appreciated.  Beth writes inspirational books about heroes of Cystic Fibrosis.  Her characters are from real life heroes, her first being about a young girl named Andrea and the heart of gold it takes for her to deal with being a victim of such a stifling disease.  Through this book, she's gained quite a bit of momentum in talking to elementary schools, not just about cystic fibrosis, but also about "bullying"....which I can't tell you how impressed I am by this.  Here's an author who's not just writing, but getting out there and spreading a MESSAGE!  TO KIDS NO LESS!  That folks is commendable.  My hat's off to this woman at this point.

Beth and I have been in a tennis match of correspondence since January when I randomly sent out that first email and she's been not just an inspiration to elementary age kiddos, she's been one to me as well.  Plus she's a retired English teacher, (my favorite course in school)...so I naturally love her! *laughs*...

Last night in an email, she said, "To write a book is like wrestling a bear"...and it so is, it sometimes feels like you'll be crushed beneath it.....just trying to figure out how to get back on top. 

Then she said:

"Don't admire me, Heather. Think of me as an author who finally found her way when she wrote from her heart. That's the same thing you are doing. You are writing from the heart. We simply have different voices as authors and that's what makes life interesting for readers - the freedom to choose those authors with whom they most connect"

...and it's these kind of things that inspire me.  The freedom to choose is an awesome thing...the freedom to take a chance to write a stranger, and find in that stranger a kindred spirit of sorts....an absolute blessing.

I'll admit, I've been pretty nervous about her reading DIAD...because lets face it, she writes "from the heart"....good stuff, beautiful stuff....while me, my books can be a wee bit twisted!  I believe it was my friend Andrea who said for a little while after reading one of my books she was scared when she went to the gas station alone! Which makes me happy on one hand to know that something I wrote could have that affect on someone, however, putting the fear into someone...well that's just not very nice of me now is it?! (Andrea, I appolgize...a little) *winks*

Beth says not to admire her, but I think I will anyway....she's too nice to stop me!

So in closing, I wanted to say, even if you think you didn't help me, you might of helped me more than you know by just one little thing you said, or just one little reaction you had...or line you liked, it meant something to me.  To those of you who I bombarded with questions like "what did you think of this part?" and "what about this character...", "was this realistic"....etc.
I thank you.


To update those of you who are patiently waiting for me to finish book #3....I'll say this:  I've got about 200 pages written of that sucker, but it's missing something....I can't put my finger on it just yet....but its something.

Soon as I figure out what it is, I'll be able to come up with how that one's going to unravel.  I'll get to the bottom of it, I promise.

Ever so Sincerely,
~Heather Lynn~

If you'd like to read Beth's books, or contact her about coming into your class to talk about any of her areas of expertise, you can contact her through her website at:  http://danceintherain.me/contact/

If you're anything like me, you'll be glad you did.

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