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Friday, June 29, 2012

I like to RE-Watch Old movies:

There are people in the world who watch a movie, and move on.  I however, I rather enjoy RE-watching movies that have a story I particularly connect with.  Watching them again is like saying "hello old friend, it's me again....tell me your story, you know how I love hearing it"....

Last night's movie re-run of choice was Rumor Has it, a 2005 release that tells a tale, of the family that inspired the book "The Graduate".  Jennifer Anniston's character discovers that her grandmother was the INFAMOUS Mrs. Robinson, and that her father very well could of been Benjamin Braddock, who had an affair with her mother before her wedding.

I won't tell you the entire tale, for the movie does a better job than I ever could, but I will tell you that each time I re-watch a movie, more times than not, I pull something new FROM it.  For instance "Under a Tuscan Sun"...that movie has so many truths in it, you could watch it a thousand times and still walk away with something new to think about.

Anyway, so last night what stuck out, and spoke to me is when Kevin Costner's character said to Jennifer Anniston when he was telling her how he lived his life, he said something about getting the advice to "BE PRESENT"...to live for the moment, and for no other thing.

He said that those two words, changed his life.  Which reminds me of my Motto.  People always laugh when I say that I have a Motto....apparently nobody goes around saying "well my motto is..."  but forgive me, because I still do and here it is: 

Do as Little to harm others as you can;
Make any sacrifice for your true friends;
Be responsible for yourself and ask nothing of others;
Grab all the fun you can;
Don't give much thought to yesterday;
Don't worry about tomorrow,
live in the moment and trust that your existence has meaning
even when the world seems to be all blind chance and chaos.

That's been my motto for a really, really long time now, and I'm thankful that "Rumor Has it" was kind enough to remind me of it.  I'm a worrier, yes, I'm a prisoner to my own worries a lot of the time, and maybe that's why I'm a girl with a motto, because from time to time, I need something to remind myself to stop.  Living in the moment takes away all the worries of tomorrow, all the hurts from the past, and allows you the freedom today has to offer.

I think being in a long term relationship has a way of robbing you from living in the moment, because everyone keeps asking about your future.  "When are you guys getting married?"  "Why don't you guys just move in together?" "Are you guys going to have kids?"  Comments like that are a double edged sword.  On one hand you say, "well that's nice, they think we're a good couple and would like to see us hitched"....while on the flip side, it also forces you to think "I wonder if he ever will ask me?"  "I wonder....what will happen if he never does?"  And I don't want to think that!  I do not want my "future" clouded with uncertainty..especially when, wait for itttttttttttttt....AS IT TURNS OUT, NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE HECK THE FUTURE HOLDS!!  Well maybe Dionne Warwick, if you call that 1-900 psychic network line, but I'm still a little skeptical on that one!

I just want to slap myself and say "Heather, ya big dummy, you're worrying about things you absolutely have ZERO control over!"

I want to live in the present.  I want to love Jerimy today, and enjoy the life I have now.  Because life has a funny way of never turning out how you think it will anyway, so why on earth try and plan for a future that is and will always be a gigantic question mark?


I'm going to make that my second motto.

The other quote from the movie last night I really liked, which kinda goes along with the "BE PRESENT" philosophy is: 
"Life has to be a little nuts sometimes. Otherwise it's just a bunch of Thursdays strung together."

Ups and downs, highs and lows is the name of the game in this crazy life....but nobody wants a life of just a bunch of strung together Thursdays...

Which, as it turns out, we're in luck, because ladies and gentlemen, it's....

And Friday is the moment we're in...
lets live in it, shall we?

Yours Truly,
~Heather Lynn~

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  1. I like to re-watch Sideways and The Big Lebowski, but I don't recall any words of wisdom from them at the moment.

    I did re-watch The Wrestler the other day, and there is a good line about deserving to be alone which resonates with me. Good times!


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