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Well let’s see. I was born during the Blizzard of 1978 in Lima, Ohio. I have lived in Ohio all my life. I like it here. We have corn fields instead of oceans, overpasses instead of mountains and fog instead of smog. Sure it's not the promise land, but sometimes one doesn't need postcard worthy beauty on the outside to have it elsewhere. I'm a writer for fun, a Paralegal for profession, and while one pays the bills, one feeds my imagination, or perhaps my imagination feeds my writing...either way, Writing is as much of who I am as the color of my eyes, or the way that I smile. Blogs are great communication tools, and I'm here to communicate with YOU...yeah, you who's reading this right now....*assuming anyone's out there* *crickets chirp* Alrightee then, IF anyone should find themselves here, be it by accident or on purpose, welcome, glad to have you aboard. Throw anchor, stay awhile! Sunshine & Smiles, ~Heather Lynn~

Friday, June 15, 2012

F is for Friday and Friday is for Funny:

Part of my job working for the Court I work for requires that I go down the street to the Common Pleas Courthouse and do our filing.  I take our Judgment Entries and other documents to the Clerk's office for filing, pick up anything they need to file with our Court, and I empty our PO Box, and check with the Auditor's office to see if they have anything for us.  It's a perk in the Summer...to take a nice little walk in the sunshine, it's hell in the winter when you freeze your tushie off walking in the snow, sleet and rain and freezing temperatures.

However, one thing that is constant with my runs to the Courthouse is that inside the Clerk's Office, the temperature is always warm!  I just really enjoy the staff at the Clerk's Office here.  They are always so cordial, and I thoroughly enjoy seeing them each and every day.

Earlier this week, the one and only male in the office asked me when I arrived, "Do you know how to tell if a Biker's happy?"

"No, how?" I asked enthusiastically,

"There's bugs in their teeth!"

And who doesn't enjoy a good biker joke out of the blue?!?  So Mike if you're reading this, Thanks for that, and keep em' coming!  Always a pleasure.

This came to mind this morning as I was commuting to work on my Motorcycle....I smiled at the thought, and then THIS happened:

{Picture kindly borrowed from:  jokideo.com}
Yeah, I think I need to lay off the Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust, my cheeks are getting a little chubby!
There's nothing sexy about a chick on a Harley if her face looks like THIS!

Hope I don't have bugs stuck in my teeth!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Have a fantastic Weekend!

~Heather Lynn~

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