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Monday, June 25, 2012

In Awe is an Understatement:

Well....where do I even begin...Friday I sat at a computer and I felt compelled to write what turned out to be "A community in Mourning's" post.  I worried, and was nervous, what if people think it's rude to write what I did, that it wasn't the right time, or right place, or I didn't know them well enough to take it upon myself to talk about them, but something in me just kept saying, "shhh, it's ok, write."  And so I did.  When I hit my "publish" button, I had butterflies in my stomach, and then a voice said, "shhhh, wait and see."  So I went back to my day and hoped I wouldn't receive an email telling me to mind my own business!  But that email never came.

For the new people who have stopped by this website due to the "Community in Mourning" post, or "Drew's post" as I call it, I started up this blog in order to get back to my roots of writing, I blogged for five years, while going through everything from divorce, to Family dysfunction....you name it, it's likely that at some point I've written about it, but the other reason for the blog was to have a place to go to write about the books I wrote, they are Fiction, and they aren't exactly like what I wrote here on Friday, just something I do for fun, but yesterday, changed things a little around here.  I didn't write about my books, I wrote about something that we here in this community were going through, and WOW, I cannot tell you the overwhelming response it's had.  Over a thousand people have been to this website to read "Drew's Post" since I published it Friday.  In the world of blogging, um, that's a lot a people.  The blog went from coast to cost, even to Canada.  Which makes my heart swell to know that people, strangers and those who knew him alike, came and showed their support, love and respect, pain and confusion and loss and hope.  To connect with others in their time of need, or emotional pain is part of the human experience that God, I believe, Intended for us.

If that saying is true, that it takes a village to raise a child, then let it be said that it also takes that same village to survive the loss of a child.
I got so many emails, and comments from so many of you, telling me your thoughts on the post, your thoughts on life, on loss, on peace.  I believe you've shared with me far more than I have shared with you, you all wrote that my post "touched you" and I must reply, that your comments "touched me"!  I read them, and was in awe of the things that were offered to me, and the heartfelt words written.  I shall always feel a special connection to them.  I truly felt every sentiment that was offered back to me.  Honest to goodness I received many of them while attending a Hawaiian Luau/surprise birthday party via my phone, and let me tell you, even the happiness of that festive occasion couldn't keep the tears at bay.  I want you all to know that replies to your comments will be forthcoming.

Yesterday was my better half's son's birthday.  He turned 15, and while we celebrated the day of his birth at the creamery for some ice cream, I saw the mourners, likely each and every one of you, going in and out of Harter's funeral home paying your final respects to a little boy who would have no more birthdays.  It was a a bittersweet celebration for me.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the K family as today little D is being laid to rest.  May the cool breezes of today cool the red eyes of those who cry, may the sunshine warm the cold from the hearts of those who feel angry or bitter, and may the love, support and prayers from the 1,000+ people who came to read this blog fall over every heart, head and soul of the people who will continue to mourn when the rest of the world seems to carry on.

Though he may be gone, he will never be forgotten.

~Heather Lynn~


  1. Well written and so true Heather....thanks for making sure I got my afternoon cry in today...I have cried off and on for almost a week now and I didn't lose my baby...but you hit home and made sure it happened again! Your writing is inspiring and I hope to "hear" more from you in the future!! Elaine

    1. Dear Elaine,

      I tell ya, I'm not usually the girl who makes people cry all the time..perhaps go read the blog from the friday before last, that one's kinda funny, I don't want to get a bad rap for being the most depressing writer on the internet! ;) (I kid), but seriously, I know how you feel, I've just been so affected by all of this, that I felt like one post wasn't going to be enough, so a follow up post was in order to get some additional emotions out. I wanted everyone to know how awesome I think they are for coming, and for sharing, and for being "there" for the K family in their each and own special ways.

      I thank you for continuing to be a reader here, and I hope to continue to "INSPIRE" and not make you cry in the future. Hoping for more smiles than tears here.

      *hugs to you*
      ~Heather Lynn~


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