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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Zombies, Oh My!

Tonight's the night....Walking Dead, Season FIVE Finale

You know, ten years ago, if you would have told me I'd be wildly devoted to a "Zombie" television show, I would have called you insane.....but then again, if you would have told me I would have been obsessed with a 4 book series about "Vampires" I would of laughed at you too.  Funny how you cannot help what you enjoy....but honestly, I cannot help but to LOVE AMC's "The Walking Dead".

Since Episode #1 I've been riveted and hands down hooked.  It has just captured my attention and kept it!  I don't devote pressure time to shows that are only so/so, not in this day and age, there is too much to do, too many "on demand"options of better things, I could write, or read, or do something productive....

But I admit it, while I'm sitting here printing off the latest copy of my manuscript for revisions, and story line re-writes, I'm thinking to myself, ...Oh, they better not kick Rick out of Alexandria....Oh, that damn preacher guy, he's gotta go!....Ohhhhhh....is little Carl gonna get his first kiss?

It's nuts how devoted I am to those characters.  And don't EVEN get me started on whether Daryl dies tonight or not!  

I mean, there will be couches burning in the streets for sure if that happens, Walking Dead fans love them some Daryl Dixon! *winks*....I won't be burning MY couch, but like I said, someone, SOMEWHERE....will.  and I will support their decision to do so.

The weekend is winding down....yet there's still ONE thing left to enjoy before Monday morning comes to wreak havoc on our bodies and minds yet again.....

so, before Monday comes and robs us of all the relaxation and freedom the weekend has given us, tune in for the high point of a TWD Sunday night.  Rumor has it, there's an extra half hour of an episode in it for ya!  woot woot!

 And tomorrow this will be me:

Zombie Luvin--In Ohio,

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