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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Join Us! It's going to be a smashing success...more so if you're there!

If you haven't "joined" or said "going" to this event, here's a friendly reminder that you should go ahead and do so now!  Light food, drinks, live music, Local Artists/Writers/Illustrators.....plus, if you haven't been in the DAAG building, it's worth a visit just to see the old downtown building they've really made nice.  Plus, there's this really old amazing elevator there, hell i'd go just to check that out.  It's the pulley kind.  You want to talk about vintage!

And here's the thing about events for Artists, I know you guys might have already read my books, purchased my books, but there are other Authors that will be here that perhaps you've never heard of, or even may have written the next book you're going to fall in love with.  I want to introduce you to them, they are writers, just like me and by introducing them to you, and you to them, I'm doing my part to support my fellow writers, just as they will do by inviting THEIR friends/family/readers who perhaps have never heard of me before.

Plus, did I mention FOOD, DRINK & MUSIC?!  Help make our FIRST Author/Illustrator event a success.

And just to clarify -- it IS on two different nights.  Both are writer/illustrator themed events, come to one, come to both, if you're busy on one day, doesn't mean you can't attend the other.  The first event is on Thursday night at the (the) Grind Cafe & Coffeehouse​, an open mic night where musicians will play and Authors have the opportunity to get up and read from their books, or recite a poem, or whatever they wish to share.  I can't say I've ever heard of an event quite like it in Delphos before, and I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of it.  I'm not going to swear by this or anything, but MAYBE I'll do a little reading from my new manuscript I'm working on....all you Vivienne Taylor fans who are drooling over book #3 - might be your chance to get a sneak peak!

The second event will be on Saturday, at the DAAG building on the corner across the street from the Post Office.  Second and Main Streets.  Author's set up with books available, workshops, along with lots of other cool creative things for you to watch, listen to or even take part in.

Join us!

All my Luv,

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  1. If this was in my neck of the woods, I would be there for sure. I would be there even if it were in the anus of my woods.

    1. ...so the anus of your woods, wow, that's um, well, that's quite the visual there! I sure appreciate the sentiment from whence your comment came, anus or no anus! Often times with Chicago and Ohio weren't quite so far away! {{Big Hugs for Dr. Ken}}.....


    2. that was supposed to say "I often times WISH Chicago and Ohio weren't quite so far away"...my apologies, it's early morning, i just woke up, no coffee yet, and my fingers are rebellious on my keyboard...! ;)


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