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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I like nostalgic things....

And what could be MORE Nostalgic than a 1984 Itasca Motorhome!??!?!

Ain't she a Beaut?!

Yes yes, it's official, Jerimy and I are buying a vintage (and yes I say vintage like it's a good thing)...Winnebago Style Motorhome.  So you're probably scratching your head and wondering..."WOMAN, what in the world?!?!", well let me enlighten you before you waste another minute roughing up your hair follicles on your noggin.


Can't you just see it now, Jerimy behind the wheel, me riding shotgun, listening to some cassette tapes...probably something rad like Def Leopard...

And then, if we want to go spend the holidays somewhere, like visiting my sister, we can be
 just like THIS:  

We can show up at my Sister's in Wisconsin, park right out front and when she finds us there on Christmas morning, completely out of the blue, I can say "Well, are you surprised?"
and then she can say {like so many of our exchanges before}:

{This being one of my big sister's favorite lines to quote from National Lampoons!}

I'm pumped, we pick it up Monday!

So let me take you on a Tour of the ole girl....or BOY, Jerimy says it's got a big block 454, so it's totally a boy camper!

Here's the actual "shitter"!

Top of the Line upholstery on the pull out couch

Complete with Dinette so upscale you can almost feel fancy while drinking your coffee in the morning and watch the world fly by.

Mustard Yellow Shower...I have a feeling THIS decor style is going to come back around any day now

Look at the rear on that thing....*whistles* 

Only 61k miles on the odometer...she's practically a baby!!

State of the art appliances

I tell you, this baby has it all, and now it has us, the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. S.

I like the damned sound of that!

A road trip never sounded so good!


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