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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

O, lets be +

I'll start this post out by saying my blood type is O+ and the American Red Cross loves me.  Seriously, they love me like Vampires love jugular veins!  Every time a blood drive is near me, they call me.  As I am a happy to donate donor.

With that said, while on my lunch hour today, watching the most recent thunderstorm begin to drift away from Lima....I started thinking about blood....and types of blood, and FIRST let me preface this by saying that I am SO NOT A SCIENTIST, nor do I know crap about blood types etc.  But I was thinking, why do humans have different blood types?

I mean, IF lets say, everything under the heavens has a purpose, and nothing is accidental, then why would human's have different types of blood?

I recently saw this chart:

...and I wondered, if there were any truth to any of this or if it was all just hooey?

I mean, why would red meat be "medicine" to my type O, but be toxic to another human with a different blood type.  I mean, I'm sure it's possible, but why?  Why would human's be made like this?

Then I thought, if we call came from Adam and Eve, (if you believe in that)....COULD we all have so many different blood types from one another?  Is that even possible?

Then it got me thinking...what if we were all still cave men / cave women....with no knowledge of this blood type information....what purpose would us having different blood types make?  We wouldn't be donating it, we wouldn't be giving each other organs, our diets would be nearly identical to those around us....isn't that strange?  Were we always meant to evolve past the cave man era and become what and who we are today?

Isn't the above chart fascinating?  Bororo People are 100% "O"....and they are the ONLY ones 100% one type!  No other group of people comes CLOSE to that kind of solidarity.  
This of course makes me really excited because now I can say that I have something in common with the Bororo people!

However some people might not believe me because they look like this:  

while I look like this:
  but still....
I will contend, same blood, same blood!

I think it just goes to show you, that it doesn't matter what we show on the outside, on the inside, we are very much the same.  Our hearts pump THE SAME blood...
Maybe it's just me, but I just think that is really neat.
How one one hand we are wildly different, but yet fundamentally the same.
We are all Human.

However, with that in mind, AS humans, why can He (the fella from up above me there) and I give our fellow positive blood types our blood, while we can not receive blood from people with different types?  And why can O- give to everyone?

Why isn't all human blood universal?

And did you know that Dogs have over 13 types of different blood groups, while cats have 3, Equines (Horses/Donkey's/etc.) have 10, with Bovines - (Cattle) have 9.

And here's a little factoid for you:  
Most all cats in the Unites States are Feline Blood Type A.

And this my friends is why I'm NEVER going to be able to study for my Real Estate Test, because my mind wants to be thinking about blood types, and Adam and Eve, and the Bororo People and their super cool face jewelry...

Focus Heather...focus....

Well, so that's today's rambling....

I'll just go ahead and apologize now for taking up your time!
My Apologies dear readers!



  1. That's cool, but it would be even cooler if you were Type O Negative because they are in my top 10 favorite bands ever.

    1. First off, let me apologize for not being the O-neg you so wished that I was! But seriously...you know me...O-POSITIVE is more fitting. I'm a silver linings type of girl! :) Secondly, what would I do without you Ken...you're my only reader/friend who comments here! I miss the days of blogger interaction! Makes me wonder, are my blogs just THAT un-engaging, or do people just not have the time to leave their 2 cents. anymore? Anyway, so for today, I say THANK GOD FOR KENNETH NOISEWATER. TG4KN & TGIF!

      Your Writer Pal,

  2. Hey, I am from the old school world of bloggers. None of that Word Press Shit, and I have never stopped blogging for longer than 2 or 3 weeks since 2005. Coming up on my 1,000th post. More important than all of that, I'm loyal to my blog buddies.


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