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Thursday, February 19, 2015

To my Fellow Writers, Artists, Creators and Misfit Poets:

One of my all time favorite Authors....(yes, I do read)...Elizabeth Gilbert shared this on her Facebook page, and I found it so Powerful, and so Worthwhile, that I felt the need to share it with my friends, with perfect strangers who may stop by and find it here...however, and whomever should find themselves here, contemplating on clicking and watching the video below, do not hesitate, I promise you, IF you are a writer, an artist, a pottery maker, a painter, a interior designer, an Architect, a musician, song writer....this is something I highly recommend you watch.

I KNOW I will be watching this over and over as a lifelong reminder of a message I wish to NEVER forget.

Thanks Elizabeth Gilbert for sharing it with me, and thank you Ira Glass for being such an Inspiration to the rest of us!



  1. Very good point by this guy. I give up so damn quick.

  2. Kenneth Noisewater - YOU sir, should never give up, I've read your work, and you're quite brilliant. Don't ever give that up... :)

    Your Pal in writing,


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