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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Meet "The Darryls"

I'm not sure if I've introduced the newest members of our family...and by "new" I mean like last year...I'm really slow at introductions sometimes.  My Apologies.

Anyway, so last fall, in an effort to get Speedy, our beloved turtle, some friends, we purchased two little fishies from Walmart.

We got the orange and white ones, because I told Jerimy they were redheads, and boys love them redheads....surely a REDHEAD could liven up Speedy's life!

If Matthew McConaughey says so, it MUST be true!

Anyhoo, so we picked out two, and we brought them home in hopes that having some buddies in the tank might make for a more interesting day for Speedy.  Now that we live in the country, we have so few visitors who want to play with him.  Back on Clime Street, Marbletown Days Especially...there would be gangs of kids who would get him out and take him for a spin around the yard.

I'm not entirely sure why, but when it came time to name our new pets, I said I say we name them "Darryl & Darryl".....and the names kinda stuck.  Mostly, I wanted to name them the same name, because at the time, you couldn't really tell them apart.

Not sure if any of you are old enough to remember Bob Newhart, or his Television show, but I used to watch it when I was a kid with my folks, and I never will forget the two brothers with the same name.  You just don't forget something like that!

You see before there was THIS Darryl:  

There were THESE Darryls:  

Which leads us to my Darryls

Known now as
"Big Darryl and Little Darryl"
As we can CLEARLY tell the difference between them now!
Big Darryl is a real pistol!  
I think we may have gotten a cross breed between a piranha and a coy!

And to close, I leave you with this, because I like to laugh, and because I love "The Walking Dead" and "Love Actually"--the movie, and I love Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually, and my favorite character on Walking Dead IS Darryl Dixon....I saw this next picture, and seriously laughed OUT LOUD.

It's Sunday,
Walking Dead's on tonight!
Woot Woot!


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