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Friday, February 20, 2015

Home Fires Burning:

This one going out to the one I love....Jerimy...

So my new full time job now that I'm home all day is
the constant cycle of stoking fires.

I have become obsessed with everything related to heat capture.

Let me tell you, the first time you get an electric bill that's nearly $600.00...you too will become a crazy heat and energy stalker.

I have towels rolled up and pressed up against the bottom of my outside doors serving as draft stoppers.  I have covered all the air vents in the ceiling for our summertime central air.

I hung a sheet over our big window in the kitchen that's a bit drafty.
I've measured all the windows in our house....so I can day dream about being able to afford new ones one day.

The Fireplace in the Living room is lit and providing heat.

Our wood burning furnace is filled and blowing out heat....

Meanwhile, I run around the house like a psychotic meter reader, touching each "electric baseboard heater" feeling if they are on, if they are hot or cold.  If they are cold, I'm my own hero!  I've combated the evil forces of the energy suckers once again and came out victorious!

No woman who is NOT receiving a pay check due to being off on Medical Leave can have a $600 electric bill...so I stoke the fires, I dedicate myself to them as if they were my job.

This morning, I packed Jerimy a lunch, and prepared a fruit smoothie for him placed it into a travel mug so he could have a nice healthy breakfast....

This whole June Cleaver

Meets Fire Stoking Frontier's Woman:

Leaves me thinking:

Just Kidding!

It's not SO bad...

Hurry Home "Ward"
Can't wait to see you!


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