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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Keeping the Tradition Alive:

Today, I was really missing my Grandma Peg, and so I bundled up in my Carhartt bib overalls, my super warm coat, hat, gloves and snow boots and I went out back and grabbed our bird feeder that hangs out by the woods off our old trellis archway,  I filled it to the brim with seed, and then walked around the front and hung it in the little tree just outside my office window. 

{My little Tree, with the newly hung feeder}

 I remember so many times sitting there with with her when I lived with her and she'd tell me all about the birds that would frequent her feeder.  The cute little snow birds, the "bully" birds that would run the other birds off....my grandma could talk for hours about her outdoor feathered guests...I want to sit and watch the birds from my window, and remember her...and know that a little piece of her, lives on through me feeding "her" birds....that I'm sure she sends to my little tree.  Luv you Grandma, I miss you, and I'll never forget you, not even when I'm in my 90's like you were.

I can only hope that my act of honoring her in this way makes her smile and say "that's my girl" ...My Grandpa Rollie is already up there proud of me for keeping the "chicken" tradition alive....

how rare it is to have such a feathery-filled-affinity for birds in my heritage not just on one side of the family...but TWO!

Grandma loved her wild birds:

Grandpa - his Award Winning Chickens

And me, I'm in awe with Owls....

...with a coop full of Chickens...

...and a Bird Feeder, awaiting Grandma Peg's little wild birdies to visit.


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