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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

An Experiment....

WARNING: before you continue to read this post, I should warn you, most of my experiments turn out like that seen here.  I'm pretty sure my mom may of had an affair with beaker, and out came me nine months later...just sayin....Maybe don't try any of MY experiments at home!

I love a good Experiment, especially when it goes right, and you find a solution for one of life's many problems.  Today, I'm tackling Closet odor.

You see when we moved into our home going on two years ago, the house had sat empty for quite sometime due to it being a foreclosure.  It had it's own smells and inhabitants that took over when the human's checked out.

I saw a mouse...and the evidence THEY leave behind, I'm not positive, but I think there may have been a squirrel or two who might of taken a couple laps about the place.

The house needed serious serious cleaning and disinfecting and beautifying upon our ownership.  So I set out and painted like the whole house, scrubbed floors, shampooed carpets, in some case actually dyed the carpet to hide the stains that were too set in to get out.

Anyway, so our hall closet, where we keep all of our linens, bedding, extra stuff for guests, etc. are all in there, and I cannot tell you how angry it makes me to wash these things, get them smelling all wonderful and fresh.  Only to take them out when needed and have them smelling like a teenage boy's socks....or something.  I can't quite put my finger one WHAT the smell is comprised of, but it's just so stale and unpleasant.  I tried putting dryer sheets in there, I tried air fresheners, I tried odor absorbing products, but nothing really seems to do the trick....and YES, for those of you who are asking yourselves and hence ME if I looked to see if there was a dead body hidden in there, yes, I took every single thing out of the closet just to be sure!

So, my experiment is this:  I have a bunch of these laying around:  

So two nights ago, after my dog ate an entire bottle of Jerimy's $20/bottle vitamins, which is highly poisonous for dogs, I sat in the garage, going through my old magazines, and waiting for my dog to puke after giving him something to make him vomit up the gummy vitamins he ate.  Anyway, it was a long wait and disgusting and awful on so so so many levels, but the magazine gave me a nice distraction.  Inside the magazine I came across and sniffed lots of These:

which really helped me survive the wretched smell coming from my dog's stomach contents that he was puking up within 5 feet of me.

I ripped them out and thought I'd maybe rub them on and see if I liked the perfume they contained, because as you know, you never know what a perfume smells like on you, until you wear it awhile and see how it smells when mixed with your own personal set of skin oils and whatnot.  Perfume smells completely different on my mother than it does on me....and we share DNA!

Today, while going through all these, I decided to do this instead of trying to give myself rug burns on my wrists trying to rub the scent off the paper and onto my body:

So in case you can't see what you're looking at here, I took the entire pages, folded them down the middle, and then taped them to the inside of the closet door.  I taped them like this to allow some air flow to swish the scents around when you open and close the door.

So, I'll give this a month and see if my sheets smell like 80 to 100 dollar designer fragrances instead of the stale awfulness that refuses to surrender it's claim over my poor hall closet!

Wish me luck!
I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

It's times like this, that make me really really really looking forward to Summer, when I can hang my sheets out on the clothes line, and bring them in smelling like absolute heaven in the form of fabric.

Man I'm looking forward to that!

Oh, and about that whole dog vomiting debacle...two things I will never allow my house to be out of and that's hydrogen peroxide and sawdust  and/or kitty litter.  Because Magazine pages will NOT soak up or properly COVER UP dog vomit to allow you to clean it up without adding to the mess by barfing on top of the damage you're trying to clean up.

In Closing, I give you a thoughts to live by....if your closets don't smell like ass, and you're not cleaning up dog vomit, you're life is going pretty fantastically right now!  So much so in fact, that others, NAMELY ME, ENVY your life right about now.

Happy Tuesday,


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