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Friday, February 27, 2015

Something a lil Serious for a Friday:

My Letter to You:

#1 - I believe in paying it forward, and HELPING people when and where we can, as so many have helped me throughout my life.

#2 - I believe that people alone are just that...alone.  While people who join together, are stronger, and can accomplish great things.

#3 - We owe it not just to ourselves, but to those around us, and to our children, and to our COUNTRY to do what we can to put a little balance into the world and to level the playing field between ourselves and our elected officials.

With that said, I give you this:

I just wrote the following letter to the Ohio Secretary of State's Office after reading the article posted below of what's happened to Uncle Al's Pizza. I highly suggested that if you believe in supporting your local community and its businesses, write them a concerned letter as well. They have their own Facebook page, FLOOD them with letters from citizens and VOTERS and request THEY rectify this situation immediately before another business goes under, trying to defend their honor against the very government who's supposed to "regulate" and "organize" and in my opinion....PROTECT the businesses that have to PAY to register and operate in this State. Or if you're not a writer and don't want to write a letter, pop over to Uncle Al's Facebook page and leave him a comment/note of encouragement as he fights the good fight. Oh and I feel compelled to tell you I don't actually know Uncle Al, I'm not related, or am being compensated in any way to post this, I just felt it was the right thing to do. We SHOULD protect our own, and Gomer and Delphos and Spencerville, and Ottoville, and Fort Jennings...we're all the same people....

My Letter to the Secretary of State's Office:

As a active voter, Writer/Author/Blogger, Paralegal, and concerned citizen, IF this happened to "Uncle Al", it can happen to anyone, and IF this happened to him, the State of OHIO should make this right, and not force him to have to FIGHT it out in court to make it so. How on earth did we change our society so much, that honest hardworking people have to FIGHT for the American Dream, and then FIGHT to keep it in today's economy, and then have to FIGHT to defend it's integrity against a government who would erroneously allow him to be hijacked. Please stand up for "the little guy" and show the good citizen's of the State of Ohio that the Secretary of State's office has integrity, accountability and that they are WILLING to stand up for it's citizens who are just trying to make a living and KEEP their piece of the American Dream.

If after reading the Article below and my comments and plea for rectification above and you find yourself wanting to also put a word in, here's a couple links of websites you can go to:

LIMA NEWS ARTICLE - By Greg Sowinski
Pizza shop owner takes on state government over error
Last updated: February 26. 2015 8:01PM - 3528 Views 

Alan Tyrrell, owner of Uncle Al's Pizza in Gomer, is fighting with the Ohio Secretary of State's office .
Craig J. Orosz | The Lima News
Alan Tyrrell, owner of Uncle Al's Pizza in Gomer, is fighting with the Ohio Secretary of State's office .
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GOMER — When Alan Tyrrell and his father opened Uncle Al's Pizza nearly 30 years ago, it was their slice of the American dream.

It gave Tyrrell a chance to be his own boss and control his future. Up until six weeks ago, life was good. Then, out of the blue, Tyrrell received notice from his insurance company the corporation under which his business was registered was not in good standing with the Ohio Secretary of State's Office.

The insurance company conducted a routine check to make sure the corporation remained in good standing. Because of the error, he now is paying a higher premium, Tyrrell said.

“I'm pissed,” he said.

A lot of research, consultation with an attorney and a few thousand in legal fees, so far, showed, without his knowledge, another company on the other side of the state hijacked Tyrrell's charter number.

That company had problems paying its taxes twice and eventually lost its charter in 2007, which was Tyrrell's original charter although no longer in his name, according to a lawsuit Tyrrell filed this month in Allen County Common Pleas Court.

He is seeking to have all legal fees paid, and most importantly to have his corporation, which he operates the business under, returned to good corporate status.

Tyrrell never was notified that he was removed from the statutory agent and his company's charter number assigned to the other company. On top of that, a person he didn't know from the other side of the state was listed as the new statutory agent. Tyrrell's company was then dissolved without his knowledge, according to the lawsuit.

“What kind of checks and balances did they have? I had no notification of this. No phone call, not even a paper in the mail saying, 'Hey, you're not a company anymore,'” he said.

Tyrrell said in the lawsuit he did not know about the change and definitely did not authorize it.

He has hired a local attorney who has help from the Ohio Attorney General's Office trying to right the matter. The problem lies with the Secretary of State, which Tyrrell said a representative of that office said would take a court order to correct the error.

Ohio Secretary of State spokesman Matt McClellan said he will not comment on a pending legal issue.

Hence the lawsuit, a lot of headaches and sleepless nights for Tyrrell.

In the meantime, Tyrrell continues to operate his convenience store known for its pizzas. His biggest fear is the couple thousand dollars he has into the matter will turn into $20,000 overnight. He said no matter the cost, he's not backing down.

“This is now a matter of principle,” he said.

Reporter Greg Sowinski can be reached at 567-242-0464 or on Twitter @Lima_Sowinski.

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