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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Battle Continues:

So to follow up with you on the "other story" about my battle against my recent outbreak of hair loss ...I bring to you....Tales from the Hair file:

Ok, so you already know I drank powdered ground cinnamon to try to alleviate some of these possible thyroid dysfunction symptoms I'm having....well, I didn't stop there...I went further in my quest.

Four to five Walmart aisles over from the cinnamon capsules I purchased, you will find the "ethnic hair section" of your local Walmart.

I frequent this section because they have plastic hair caps, like six for 99 cents in that section, and those things are awesome to have if you dye your hair, keeps the smell of hair dye from getting in your face, burning your eyes and stinking up the joint.  So I pop over there and what to my wondering eyes should appear...but a wonderful assortment of hair loss stopping for me to on my scalp smear!

They had this one:  

And this one:   

among others.....but I didn't care, I was willing to try anything.

My hair's my thing...I can't just go bald quietly,
so I did what any girl would do, I scooped some of this goop into my cart, and set out to try out Africa's best, and Doo Gro.

I went home that night....and decided to try Doo Gro first.  It was more expensive, there'fore it MUST work better right?  I used the same logic as "they can't put anything on the internet that's not true" and away I went, smearing this Vaseline meets Vicks Vapo Rub type product all over my scalp.  It smelled funny, and it was blue, but I didn't care, I needed to save my Doo!

The instructions said just put on before bed...
and wake up tomorrow with a glorious head....of hair.

Just style and go
the instructions sang out

I scurried to bed in hopes that new hairs would sprout.

Eight hours later ....to what did my wondering eyes did appear
the image of myself in my dresser mirror...

Well, what do you think?!  Do I look awesome or what?!?!
It's going to be all the rage, I just know this style is going to catch on!


But I will tell you this....the next day in the shower, much much less hair fell out!

So I've been doing the doo ever since.

Just can't be seen in the mornings by live humans until after a shower....I look a little crazy.

That's my story, 
and I'm sticking too it.

Wish me luck at my Thyroid Scan today at St. Rita's.

I need answers...not Cancer..
so keep your fingers crossed.



  1. Heather--Have you tried eating/drinking lots of protein? And don't believe your boyfriend when he tells you he has a good source of protein for you ... it's just not true. lol

    1. Betty - Oh how I love getting comments on my blogs! and your subject matter had me smiing from ear to ear. I was so amused with it in fact that i read your comment to Jerimy on the phone just now....we had a good chuckle. Thanks for that, it's been a rough day today and I needed a chuckle before bed to ward off any nightmares I may have. Thanks! I have tried drinking protein shakes, and I eat a good portion of meat, I think I might have an absorbtion problem though, which is why I'm vitamin D Deficient....my stomach doesn't absorb the nutrients I need. That's my non-professional hypothesis anyway! :)



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