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Monday, March 4, 2013

A good story is a treasure....a good movie, pure entertainment for the senses

Growing up, I think I was just spoiled, we had such good movies.....I mean, we had E.T., Sixteen Candles, the Breakfast Club, we had Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan Movies, we had Sleeping with the Enemy, we had Adventures in Babysitting...Fight Club, Forest Gump, Anything with Robert Redford in it, Karate Kid, Point Break, Dumb and Dumber, Super Troopers, Bridges of Madison County, Pretty Woman....we had so many quality movies, it was awesome!

This weekend, while trying DESPERATELY to stave off the horrible case of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) I'm apparently suffering from, also known as Cabin Fever, I rented three dvd's from Family Video, hoping to get comfy on my big red couch, while wearing my flip flops and shorts and tank top (because I'm trying to remember what summer feels like) and enjoy some time at my house.

See I spend an enormous amount of time at my boyfriend, Jerimy's, so sometimes, a weekend at my own home, is almost like staying in a hotel....minus the bedbugs and the possibility of picking up athlete's foot from the guy who showered in your hotel shower before you.

So the movies I got were these:

1.  Argo
2.  The Five Year Engagement
3.  Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter

So here's what I knew going in.

#1 - I heard Argo was very very good from a Co-worker.  Plus there were all those awards it was up for, so seemingly it was a hit.

#2 - The five year engagement looked funny in the previews...and I generally like Jason Segel.

#3 - I love Abraham Lincoln, he's my favorite president and he's an amazing poet, and I just think there's so much to him, that any chance I get to learn more about him, to dig a little deeper into his era/life, I'm generally more than willing to do so.  Admittedly, going in I figured the whole Vampire thing would be fairly unrealistic, but I was open minded.

Now, after having watched all three movies, I can say this:  "meh."

Is it just me, or do movies just "lack something" in today's day and age?  It's like you watch the whole thing, and you say to yourself, "alrightee....well there you have it."

It's not that they are terrible, it's just that they are just "missing something"....that thing, that MAKES you love them, that thing that makes them "classic" and something people want their kids to watch someday....like the Goonies, and the original star wars movies....and E.T.....you think they are going to make a Disney Ride out of Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter?  Nope.  I'm guessing not.

As a writer, I do so enjoy a good story, characters that you love so much that they feel like your friends...and you talk about them like they are real life people....but movies today they just don't have the "heart" anymore....a good story will last the test of time, great characters resonate in our hearts for a lifetime....I'll NEVER forget the first book I read and LOVED, I'll never forget Richie Valens (Lou Diamond Phillips) from Labamba....I mean, I can close my eyes RIGHT NOW, and see the scene of Richie and his brother, running up that hill, with the song "Sleepwalkers" playing it's sad sad melody, both smiling...a scene of happier times....upon the news of Richie's death....THAT my friends is a testament to a movie worth watching, it becomes a part of your mind...you absorb it into your being...and you take it with you for all time.

I would like to FORGET "The five year engagement" as quickly as possible and never think of it again.
Argo was good, historically a smart film.  Great actors and great performances, but like any "historical" movie, sometimes it felt more like a documentary, or "re-enactment" than a blockbuster movie...if you know what I mean.

And as for "Honest Abe...the Vampire hunter"...ummm....it seemed like two DIFFERENT movies to me.  The beginning was very vampire-ey folklore-ey...while the ending then became the history channel's depiction of Abraham's presidency, and then the very end went back to the first feeling....not a horrible movie...but I'll forget it before the week's out....and likely never think of it again.

I would say the best two "romantic comedies" of the last 5 years have been....(for me)...

"It's Complicated" and "The Proposal"....

Those two had me laughing so hard I couldn't speak and had tears coming out of my eyes, and I'm STILL quoting them regularly to this day....and THAT my friends is a damn fine movie.....

Also I still quote "Old School".....it was dumb, but worthy of my adoration.

As I writer, I try so very hard to write things WORTH reading....I want to, and work really hard to give you characters you can love, characters you can hate, and characters you're not sure if you should love OR hate them....but it's not an easy task always, if HOLLYWOOD can't make you fall in love....can't make you lose yourself in a movie (and they are freaking professionals!), so you know how hard one must work, when you have only your spare time and a laptop.....to "capture" a reader, "give" them something to love, "take" them to another place and time...and "MAKE" them fall in love.

I LOVE trying....I LOVE that all of you (my readers) have taken a chance on me...have given me your time, your imaginations, and have trusted me with them.  I am ever so honored.

All my love and gratitude,

~Heather Lynn~

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