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Friday, March 8, 2013

An Oldie, but a goodie.....


I couldn't help myself.....

Here’s something ya’ll might not know about me…I collect old books. The older the better. I love everything about them, the musty library smell, the yellowish discolored pages, the way the paper feels thick and grainy between your fingertips, the hard bound volumes in all shapes, sizes and colors…they have provided hours of entertainment for me. In my not so always normal mind, the book still reserves the significance of power and knowledge. I mean think about it. There are people in history who were completely self-taught to do the most miraculous things from books. They didn’t have fancy colleges and technical schools; they had a book and a set of eyes…well, and determination for personal excellence, growth and knowledge. How I do adore the want of mankind to share and distribute what we have learned in this life. Do you know, that whatever it is you want to know how to do, someone, somewhere most likely has written a book about it. Want to build a bomb or an airplane, do your taxes, perform medical procedures, have wild sex? It’s all there at your local public library.

Libraries are highly underrated these days since the introduction of the Internet and I find it quite a shame. Sure I love technology, but the idea of books becoming the cassette tape of the future disturbs me.

So where was I, I apologize, I start talking about books and I get so far off track I sometimes can’t find my way back even with the use of both hands and a flashlight. The reason I told you all of that was to tell you this next story about a very noteworthy quote I recently had the pleasure of reading. The story goes as follows:

I love to purchase old non-fiction books from garage sales, etc. You know educational type books and see if I can’t learn something new and interesting. Well I learned something so very interesting, I can’t hold it inside another minute: Try to compose yourself as you read my next line….“Women carry their hurt and pain from life in their vaginas” Yes, that’s right my friends, as we speak your vaginas are full of hurt, anger and pain. You know that argument you had with your husband last week, it went straight to your vagina so that you can carry it around with you for the rest of your life.

I don’t mean to gross anyone out or anything, but I’ve had some serious emotional burdens in my lifetime. I’ve seen a lot in my 27 years. I’ve had unhealthy relationships, loss, hurt, anger and betrayal, and never in all of my 27 years did my vagina even so much as complain to me about it. Never said a peep. And I thought we were close!!

Can you imagine going to see a therapist and there you are sitting on a leather couch telling her your problems and Wham, she tells you that you better be careful or you might upset your vagina? Whose appointment is this anyway? My Vagina’s or mine? I tell you who’s paying the bill…..not my freeloading vagina, that’s for sure!

Now, you might ask what kind of voodoo books am I reading…well it’s a book Titled Women’s Bodies and Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, M.D. I picked it up at a garage sale in Holland, Michigan for something to read while I was on vacation. Boy what an eye opener that was. This book is jam-packed with information like angry vaginas and other fun factoids. Did you know that “the clitoris is the only human organ whose soul function is to generate sexual pleasure”?. Or, did you know that sunbathing is associated with sexual arousal? In ancient Greece, men used to run on the beach naked to expose their testicles to sun to improve their testosterone levels! The book as a whole is very informative and will even make you learn a thing or two about things you always thought you understood about your body, but the theories about the angry / hurt vaginas of Caroline and Charles Muir in this book could not be ignored without writing this post. According to the book, Caroline and Charles Muir are the couple that popularized the ancient link between sexuality and spirituality. They also coined the phrase “sacred spot”. If you want to read more on this, it’s page 241, Chapter Eight, Reclaiming the Erotic.

So the moral of the story my friends: A woman’s body is full of hidden mystery, pleasure, wisdom and apparently “sacred spots”, but it’s most important to listen to and always protect your vagina. Apparently it is your treasure chest of emotional and sexual baggage and let us not forget it is the passageway for life. Ladies use it wisely! Men, respect its power and its vulnerability!
[NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR, TO THE AUTHOR: the book referenced in this post is actually worth a read, it just has it’s kind of off the wall parts. When I read about the angry vagina theory, it struck me as funny. That’s the thing about theories, always open for interpretation! No disrespect intended Dr. Northrup!]

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