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Friday, April 12, 2013

It has been brought to my attention.....

...that I have not written anything here in a month.  
Breanne, my apologies! *smiles*

Lets see, what shall I write about...

Well, for starters, I guess I'll tell you the reason I haven't been writing:

His name is 

and I love him!

Since I laid eyes on him I said, I will love him and I will call him George!

And that my friends is my true life story of love at first sight.

I don't know what it is about me, but there's just something that clicks with me when I lay my eyes on something I love....Just like when I RE-met Jerimy 3+ years ago, I saw him and BAM!  I was done, I KNEW in that instant that I was "all in"....that there wasn't going to be any changing my mind about it.  And here we are years later and he's still hands down the love of my life.

Now, fast forward to 3 weeks ago.
I'd been perusing these facebook "Pet sites"....rehoming, strays found, kind of sites and I'd look at the dogs and I'd get all yearning for a puppy...but I don't know if ya'll know this, but PUPPIES, WHILE ADORABLE are OH SO MUCH WORK!!!
Quite frankly, I have no idea how you people raise children, I mean, I have a hard time putting my shoes on at 4:00 a.m. to take George out to go potty...
Which makes me wonder, would people have kids if they had to take them outside and stand there in the rain and snow and cold and crappy Ohio weather WAITING and PRAYING TO GOD that they'd pee already!?!?
You parents, be sure to weigh in on this, because I only have two kids and they are both furry faced pooches!

Anyway...I'm getting sidetracked, 
So I decided awhile back that I just loved Boxers!
So many people I know have them, and they are just such great dogs
One of the first pictures i took when I was starting to get into photography was of a beautiful boxer named Maggie-Moo:

This was the first boxer I ever loved
I guess I was always destined to get one of my own.
But I will tell you this, I'm never going to get the "new book #3" written with him around, holy moses he keeps me hopping....
My life now consists of me running around non-stop saying things like:
"what are you...?  Don't chew on that!  Drop it!  No..no...no..no..no!"
"Who did this?"  "Good boooooy George"..."Baaaaaad Boy George!"
"CRAP, I just stepped in pee I think!"
"c'mon, lets go!"


And when I'm not saying these things and running around chasing after the most adorable puppy in the world, I'm wholeheartedly smiling.  I don't know what it is about ole George, but he just brings such joy to my life....even when he's a pain, even when he's naughty, he's my buddy.  And I LOVE that he loves Jerimy!  And Easton tries to steal him from me to snuggle with.
Now if I can just get him potty trained, he'll be a great addition to the family!

Ok, so now that you've met George, and you know that I'm totally slacking on my writing, you know who to blame:

But seriously, look at that face,
Can you really blame the little guy
or ME for that matter for falling smitten?
Who can resist this face?
I sure can't!


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  1. There is nothing cuter or sweeter than a boxer puppy! I want to meet him so bad but then I'll have puppy fever to go with my baby fever and with the baby on the way in a few weeks the last thing I need is a puppy! So I think I should wait until George is a little older and the baby is a few weeks old and I'm sleep deprived so I don't run out and get a little George or a little Maggie Moo! ;) He is just too cute and I'm so happy he found the best mommy in the world to adopt him!


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