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Monday, April 22, 2013

Excuse me while I gush a little

Today is Jerimy and I's 3 year anniversary.  It's hard to believe it's been three years, but then at the same time, it's like I can't remember life before him either.  So like it's the fastest long time I've ever spent with anyone.

I hope you'll excuse me while I gush mushy love stuff today, but in my mind, anniversaries are such a special occasion, not because of presents, or giant romantic gestures, but because sharing your life with someone is the best and hardest thing to keep in balance.  It's not easy to be passionate and never stumble in how you express that passion.  It's not easy to tackle uncomfortable "issues" that arise in a relationship and still be crazy about the person the way you were before an argument, or a miss-communication.  But when you do, love them as much, and often times MORE after a relationship mishap, or miss-communication, well, then you know that you have a good thing, something that can endure all that life throws your way.

Relationships are like anything else, your job, your appearance, your parenting....if you slack off at your job, you can get fired, if you stop fixing yourself up, you can turn into a slob, if you stop parenting, your child can go off track and you may never get them back on track.....and with a significant other, you have to TRY at it every day.  You have to put in the effort if you want to keep things on a happy harmonious level.

One thing that I think couples seem to forget the longer they are together, is what they love about the other person....and that's one thing that I think is what's so unique and special about Jerimy to me is that I never stop thinking he's wonderful, even if he's being a brat, even if we're fighting, he's still amazing to me, I still think he's the most handsome, wonderful, fun, adorable, pain in the butt I've ever had the pleasure to kiss!  I LOVE his smile, I tell you that man can melt my heart when he flashes that thing at me.  His eyes are the rarest shade of gold/green/amber, I'd know those eyes anywhere.  I LOVE that he's strong enough to comfort me over the phone seconds after I'd been in a car crash, before the police even arrived, and he's gentle enough to kiss my forehead when I've had a bad day.  I love that he doesn't lie to me.  He's honest, even if it might hurt me, he doesn't lie to me.  I love that he is so handy and capable and just a natural problem solver.  If something's broke, he fixes it, if something's wrong, he's looking into figuring out a way to make it right.  I love that he shows up for me when I need him most, that he eats my sometimes questionable cooking, and that he allowed me not just into his life, but the life of his son, E, whom I've grown to love so very much over the last 3 1/2 years.  Jerimy hasn't just given me his love, he gave me a family.  And oh what a happy little unique family we are.  Complete with dogs, ferret, turtle, Harley's, mopeds, gourmet George Foreman grill cooking, yellow car and silver neon driving little family we are.

I truly look back at my life and I cannot really remember what life was like before I met Jerimy, I mean, I can if I try really hard, but mostly it just seems like it was a whole other life ago.  And when I think about my future, I cannot imagine a life without him.

So here's hoping our 3 years turns into 30, and then into 300....I'd settle for eternity.  Nothing less. *smiles*
If all goes well, we'll be riding Harley's in heaven together someday.

Yours in Love and Life,
~Heather Lynn~

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