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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When you have a dog....

It kinda changes things...it adds a certain something that, well, you have to be a "dog person" to relate I think.

For instance, yesterday morning while in my break room at work, making myself a delicious egg/Velveeta cheese/english whole grain muffin for breakfast out of the microwave (my daily morning breakfast) my co-worker "L" comes cruising past on her way to her office, she see's me, I say "Good Morning L", she smiles and says "OH, GOOD YOU'RE HERE!  I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU!" I'm like "A present!?!?  Ohh, Oohhh...I love presents!" with a big ole smile on my face...because seriously, who doesn't like presents?  Right?

She goes to her office comes out and hands me a little sandwich bag with a stick in it.  I look at it, I look at her, and I say "Um, thanks....What is it!?"  L then says "it's a bullystick for your puppy!"  I smile graciously and say, "What's a bullystick?"  and she said, it's a "Bull Penis, dog's love em!"

Hmmmmm....wow, I've got to tell you, in all my years of growing up at Woods and Waters, being around animals, doing and seeing it all, I can honestly say that nobody had ever given me a bull penis before...bull shit, I've got, but bull penis...well folks, this was a first for me.

Thanks "L" for giving me such a unique offering, and I've got to tell you, my dog DID love the danged thing, however, I felt very strange about giving my little Georgey a penis to chew on....out of fear that this would give him the idea that penis's are for chewing on.  I can just imagine George, sniffing around in the night in bed with Jerimy and I, and all the sudden...*CHOMP*....poor Jerimy.  I'm going to be watching him, if he starts giving Jerimy weird looks, I'm pulling the plug on the bullystick trend!  I love my dog, but I love Jerimy more!

Is it just me, or has puppy chew toys started to resemble recycled sex toys?
This one looks like it should say "ribbed for her pleasure"

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  1. Ahhhh puppy breath....got to love the little Heathens....lol.


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