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Friday, December 19, 2014

Post Procedure!

Well, I'm dressed and ready to go, Jerimy is in the shower, I've watched a ton of Parenthood, Crosby's a dad...Sarah's dating the kid's English teacher and Adam is having a nervous breakdown because everyone relies on him too much.  The dad's going to lose the house and that Amber is acting out....it's nice to watch their problems and forget about my own life for awhile.  Thanks Parenthood.

Whoa, crap, I totally fell asleep in the chair, Jerimy just woke me up and said we have to go....now!  So here goes nothing.

I'm wearing my favorite socks....it's the only clothes they let me keep on during the procedure...If I have to have this done, I'm going to keep a bit of my own style while they violate me. :)

Wish me luck.


Home from the prodcedure.  My mom showed up, which made me really happy.  To wake up and find her and Jeirmy sitting there next to me was a good thing to wake up to.  I was so groggy.  One minute i'd be awake, the next I'd be totally out of it.  It was weird.

i don't remember the procedure at all, last thing I remember was my nurse giving me the drugs in my iv.  THANK GOD, because a colonoscopy IS NOT something you want to really remember.  At least I don't.

Dr. Taja said in his opinion, it looked to be a benign tumor, but obviously can't give me that as something to rely on until my biopsy report comes back and verifies that it is NOT cancer.  Oh please let it come back benign.  please let it come back benign, please, oh please let it come back benign.

Either way, cancer or not, i have to go have this thing surgically taken out of me.

Another surgery, another hospital, another scary thing to face.

I am so grateful though to all the people I've seen thus far, all the ER people, all the people at Dr. Taja's office...everyone has been so good to me....including all of the people who i love and have in my life, the outpouring has been so so so very comforting.

Dr. Taja said my results could be in as soon as tomorrow (Friday Afternoon), so keep your fingers crossed that they come in, and they are good news.  I can't stand the idea of having to wait the entire weekend to know the results.

*fingers crossed*

I'm going to eat the Chicken Club Pizza that Jerimy has bought me!



Get in my COLON!


H. - out!


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