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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Tuesday.

So Jerimy told me the other night that when waking up from my medically induced slumber at the GI specialist that I didn't say anything, I just kept flipping him off.

Which so totally cracks me up because like seriously, I'm not a big flipper-offer...well, unless I really love you and it's funny to do so.

Stephanie, my longtime best friend from the third grade told me that the reason I have a tumor is because I suppress negative energy and emotions, I don't let them out, I don't express myself and tell people what I really think, because I'm too nice, and that tumor is nothing but all the things I should of said, but didn't.

It's an interesting theory....

I still can't believe I kept flipping Jerimy off, that's so unlike me!  Apparently under anesthesia, I can "express myself" just fine! *laughs*

Did I tell you Steph took me to my first visit?  She's such a trooper, even in the midst of her own family's health issues, she took time out of her day to take me to my appointment.

She dutifully took the little pamphlets off the rack and we one by one went through the different illnesses, one symptom at at time, trying to see if we could pinpoint perhaps which one I had.

When Dr. Taja took me over to his computer and showed my my tumor, I saw Steph, one by one, return the little booklets to the rack, as a big sign of defeat.  I didn't have what was easily identifiable in a information packet.  I had something worse.  I had something scarier.

One thing I loved about Dr. Taja is that he was really straight forward with me, he didn't pull any punches, he told me the tumor was big, specifically said that by looking at the CT Scan, it was "alarming" and needed to be addressed right away.  Then, in his foreign accent he said "I am hoping that it's just an Artifact"  And I'm like...."Huh?  An Artifact?"

Immediately, my mind, being the wildly active thing that it is, imagined Dr. Taja with a Indiana Jones hat, bull whip and flashlight, going up my "temple of doom" to retrieve this "artifact" he suspected to be inside me.

I can't get it out of my head that after surgery, the surgeon's going to come out looking like this, and my tumor will look like the precious rock that was stolen from that village.

Back to reality in Dr. Taja's office, he no longer looking like Indiana Jones, he's looking at me now, strangely as I've obviously spaced out for a minute, then he says, "you know Artifact?"...."like artificial"...."like not real"....

I couldn't help but smile a little through my terror of being told I have a tumor....

Dr. Taja, as Indiana Jones, it was just too comical in my head.

I love my brain in times like that.  Take a horrible situation like that, and turn it into a little movie in my head that's much more pleasant to view than a sketchy CT scan with a Dr. telling you you have a tumor.  I'd much rather have an "artifact" in my bum, at least when they went in to retrieve it I could like sell it on Ebay or something and make a little cash from the damned thing.  Or maybe it's not the temple of doom stones at all, perhaps it's like a T-Rex bone or something cool like that!

So, I have an Apt. on the morning of New Years Eve to talk to the surgeon who'll be doing the surgery, and to schedule the procedure.  I'm guessing it won't be til the end of January that I'll get in for the actual removal, but I guess that gives me time to prepare.

I really hope you all have a very merry Christmas, and a HEALTHY and happy New Year!

Hug your loved ones, hold em' near and dear to your heart, what's under the tree doesn't matter nearly as much as the people who put the presents under there.  They are the real gift.

All my Luv,

And if you haven't read the interview that was just featured in "Shine" Newsletter, have a read, the Newsletter was a real enjoyable read for me, perhaps it will be for you as well!  I'm January's featured "Dream Achiever"

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