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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Going out to my Mother:

So out of my family, I'm probably the slobbiest.  Just ask my little sister Brooke, we shared a room, and she hated it.  I can't help it, I WISH I was a clean freak, but I'm just not.  I grew up playing in the mud, spending more time in the barn than my room, and I liked playing Cops and Robbers with my BOY cousins than playing Barbies.  It's just who I am.

Since J and E and I all moved in together, I've been trying really hard to be more tidy, I come home almost every day from work, and I load or unload the dishwasher, I might vaccum the carpet.  Try to straighten up the crap on the coffee table, pick up dirty socks and round up shoes scattered all over the place and put them in an orderly fashion by either the front or the back doors....but it's a losing battle.  No matter how much I clean, it just gets dirty again.  And let me tell you, it doesn't take a week, it could happen in a half an hour when you have my two dogs George and Chubs roaming the halls!  Those two are just a disaster.

So the other day my mom came over to pick up the sunglasses she left at my house the week before, and in true motherly fashion, she looked around and said, "We really need to give this house a real cleaning."  And before you say "HOW RUDE"....you have to know #1) - my mom loves me.  and #2) she means well, oh and #3) she's right, it COULD use a real good cleaning from top to bottom.

{Here's the plot twist comes in}

So here I am, TRYING to be a better house-woman.....TRYING to amp up my cleanliness....make cleaning a habit instead of a chore.....so that my mom's words of "THIS PLACE IS A PIG STY!" can leave my head...and what do I do?

I woke up this morning to THIS!!!

Meet Miss Ellie.
She's a Pig.
I officially DO live in a Pig Sty now!
Mom!  Didn't see that one coming did ya?!?!

The Story on Ellie is, she belongs to a friend of mine,
but due to some living arrangement issues, etc.
I'm her new foster momma.
Not sure how long she'll be with us, so stop out and enjoy her while she's with us.

the two of them play non-stop!
As for Mr. Chubs, he's not sure WHAT to make of her.
He just looks at her and cocks his head as it he's still trying to figure out WHAT exactly she IS!

So now, we have a ferret (Bandit), 
a turtle (Speedy),
two fish (Daryl & Daryl), two dogs (George and Chubs), and lastly, TEN chickens (Clucky, King Tut, Big Red, Henni, Scrappy, FluffyButt1 and FufflyButt2 and the rest haven't earned a name yet).

(Big Red - to the left)
(Henni is the little cutie there in the middle)
(FluffyButt1 and FluffyButt2" are the two white ones)

We've moved to the country, and the place is going to the birds!....and pigs....and dogs....and fish....the list goes on and on.


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