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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I like Experiments:

I'm no scientist, I'm not precise, or calculated, I suck at Math, but I do so love "EXPERIMENTING"

And before you guys out there get all "raised eyebrow" on me, NO, I"ve never "experimented" with being a lesbian for a night...

...I just haven't done it.  So put that out of your mind so I can continue.

Maybe it's because I grew up on Back to the Future, and Doc Brown was a totally cool, and neat character:
I mean say that, what a fun word!

Or maybe it was because of this guy:  
I don't know, but whatever the case may be, I've always liked to TRY STUFF.
That's my very non-technical, street-lingo for experimentation!
"Try Stuff"
So far, my experience for trying stuff has been primarily "products"...like self tanner (which coincidentally, DID NOT TURN OUT WELL), I've tried new shampoos, sex positions, meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Tea, makeup, hair extensions, moisturizers, Pinterest DIY projects, new recipes, I tried to learn a language on CD (so far I can say Ciao, and belle note - {A TOTAL SUCCESS, worth every Amazon penny spent there!} and wacky food from time to time.....but what I'm about to tell you, is an experiment that even I MAYBE should of been a little more cautious about trying,  Instead of saying: 
"Oh, what the hell....what's the worst that could happen?"
Famous last words of experimental types worldwide.

So all of that leads me to tell you this:  I've always wanted to be hypnotized.
I think the concept is so intriguing.  I've seen it done in public settings, and could have volunteered myself, but if there's one thing I've learned over years of "TRYING STUFF", I learned maiden voyages are best done in private, NOT in front of an audience.  Last thing I need is to wind up singing Celine Dion at the top of my lungs in a room full of strangers...not even if I don't remember doing it.  

I once witnessed my cousin do this at the Allen County Fair....HILARIOUS, but like, if it happened to me,  NOT HILARIOUS!  
I would absolutely die of embarrassment and have to go into hiding until the memory of such an event would quit haunting me!  I'm guessing somewhere between 5 to 25 years based on the sheer magnitude of the embarrassment factor associated.

So being as I'm kind of a cheapskate AND experimental in nature....
I recently began to search online to see if hypnotism is a party trick, or a actual phenomenon that can get results.
THAT is when I stumbled across hypnotism at home!

Wild Right?

Well, I really must say, YOUTUBE is an amazing tool! *laughs*
And before you ask if I just discovered YOUTUBE, NO, I was in on it from the beginning...
however CandyCrush, I ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to give in to...
until last week.
I'm NEVER going to pass level 13!  I mean NEVER!
Clear all the Jelly....WTF is "jelly" anyway?  Why isn't it called Jelly Crush?

So I found all these hypnotism videos on Youtube that allow you to listen to them, and they help you sleep....and then they plant subliminal messages and suggestions to influence your conscious mind the following day.  Last night I tried Session 3 of 3 which was the Weight Loss and Motivation session.  I think it went well.  So lately every night, I've been going to sleep with my ginormous headphones on:

Jerimy makes fun of me....
but I don't care, I'm in a trance when he does,
so I generally don't remember much of it the next day.

But here's the thing, WHAT IF...
this stuff actually works?!?!
WHAT IF.....I am getting hypnotized...
and the hypnotist uses his power for evil instead of sleep and weight loss?
What if these sessions are actually suggesting I become a sleeper cell for some Islamic extremist group?
OR...like....to "suggest" that I empty my bank accounts and give all my money to a TV Envangalist?
OR WORSE YET....What if it SUGGESTS I drink some of Jim Jones' Kool-Aid?!

I mean, I never really thought about it until last night....that I go to bed listening to these things, and I NEVER stay awake long enough to have heard the whole thing play out....it could be telling me ANYTHING....and I'd not know it.
Isn't that just kind of mind blowing to think that I willingly opened my head to a stranger...
a stranger who could suggest I do something I don't want or wouldn't normally do?

So....now that I got all my worries and concerns out of the way....
I'll be pleasantly surprised if I continue to get great sleep AND lose weight and get some extra motivation.
But if say every time someone says "Shazam" I suddenly start baaa'ing like a sheep or dancing a jig or something similarly strange....
Please do me a favor and tell me!
Because, seriously, I won't know I'm doing it!

Sincerely Yours,

{NOTE:  all pictures borrowed with Love from GOOGLE IMAGES.  They are NOT MY OWN"

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