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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Funny Proposal Moments:

So after Jerimy Proposed to me the other night, I just HAD to call my Momma and tell her.  I knew she'd be sleeping, and I knew I'd wake her up, but she's my mom, and I wanted to call her....so she'd just have to suck it up and answer my call.

This is my Momma and me:

So anyway....
Jerimy says, "you're not really going to call her and wake her up are you?"
Me:  "Hell yes I am!!"

The phone rings, and rings...I'm starting to think she won't answer....but after a bit, the phone quit ringing and I heard the voice that sounded nothing of my mother's and everything of one of these characters:

which of course is extremely ironic considering my mom hasn't smoked a cigarette in her life!

Me:  "Mom?"
Her:  "Yeah?"
Me:  "I'm getting married!!!!" {insert happy squeal from me here}
There was a long pause of total silence, 
for a second I thought she hung up on me...
Her:  "Tonight?"
Me:  "NO!  NOT TONIGHT!  Jerimy just proposed to me!"
Her:  ..............another long ass pause...."Oh"
Me:  {realizing my mother's totally sleep talking to me at this point}....Ok, well I just wanted to tell you the good news!
Her:  "Yep, good news."....{in a complete 3 pack a day habit, monotone voice showing ZERO enthusiasm}
Me:  "Well, ....Goodnight"
Her:  "Yep"

Me to Jerimy:  "Um, Wow, she was really out of it!  That wasn't exactly how I expected that to go!"  I said with a laugh.

The next day, my mom texts me the following:  "I had a dream last night you called me and told me you were engaged!!!  Then I thought it might of been real....was it?"

Me back to her:  "LOL...that happened alright!"

So much for sharing good news when it's fresh!

I <3 u Momma...


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