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Thursday, June 5, 2014

My pay it forward project: Join me, won't you?

Yesterday, it was raining pretty hard....
I couldn't find a close parking spot at the Court, which almost never happens.
So i had to park across the street.  Not a big deal.

I crossed the street dodging traffic and a woman was getting out of her car and bundling up her child, obviously not anxious to carry her baby through the rain, so I stopped on the sidewalk and said, "I'll share my umbrella with you if you like?"
She smiled and said, "Ok, yeah, thank you!"
I walked her and her little girl in her arms to the front door and let them go get out of the rain ahead of me.

I never saw either of them before, and probably won't again, 
but man it felt good to do something nice for someone else, with no hope of anything in return other than the pleasure of being able to help another human.
This is the second time I've done this.
Once for a woman at the bank
and now this young mother and her little girl.

Normally rainy days are not my favorite, but even rainy days have bright spots, if you look for an opportunity to make a spot bright.

I look forward to the day when maybe I might share an impromptu umbrella walk with one of you....

And to my friend Justin Higbie, I know you were "burned" by your act of kindness the other day, but don't let the burn of someone else, squash the goodness within you....
you know why?

The world may not appreciate the things you do
The world might point out your shortcomings and things you get wrong,
but that doesn't mean your good deeds go unnoticed. 

So I offer you this to make up for everyone who ever made you feel unappreciated, unloved, or overlooked:

<3 Luv <3


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