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Friday, June 27, 2014

“The reality is that doing good unto others actually does more good for you.” --Richelle Goodrich

First let me start by saying that I was raised in the Church....and not just one, our family was Lutheran for awhile, non-denominational...back to Lutheran....I've been to the Methodist church...the Catholic church...I've seen people "Speak in tongues" and a few even faint in the midst of Religion.

I on the other hand, well, I won't say I'm skeptical, but I just choose to be more "internal" about my beliefs and faith.  Not that I wouldn't tell anyone if asked that I am spiritual...I just don't try to convert every person I meet, and I only really pipe up about such things when I feel like they are open to hear it.  I find the best time is when I see God's work at hand.

Like for example, this morning, my better half's car broke down on his way to work.  Stranded on the side of the road, he calls me and I'm in the shower.  By the time I call him back, he's no longer in need of MY help, for a complete stranger had taken him under his wing.

A man picked Jerimy up, went back to his house to get tools, and even drove Jerimy to go get a part to fix the broken leaf spring that had locked his tire up.

Before he got to him to the dealership, the man said he wanted to stop and check on his wife, as she wasn't feeling well.  She apparently had a kidney stone.  So Jerimy, being along for the ride, went with the man to check on his wife.  When the man came back outside, he said "I think I had better take her to the emergency room".  Jerimy wondered, um, what did this mean for him?  Here he was with a complete stranger, at this stranger's house, and now the man was going to abandon the mission of getting him to the dealership and headed to the hospital with his ailing wife!

Before Jerimy could say, "Hey, um, but what about me?"  The guy said "Here, just take my vehicle, go to town, get your part, and you can just leave my vehicle out there by where yours broke down.  Jerimy was hesitant, because, well lets face it, some stranger gives you the keys to his car, entrusts you with something without knowing you from adam, well it's just kind of shocking.  Jerimy, not having much of a choice at this point, said "ok" and took the man's truck to Van Wert to get his part.

This is where it gets even better.  He goes to the dealership in Van Wert, (I would love to name the place...but better not)...and the guy says, "hey, I have half a kit here...just take it"...Jerimy was like, "what do you mean take it?  Take it like free, take it?"  and the guy's like...yeah, you can have it, just come back to us in the future if you need anything.  Jerimy was once more IN SHOCK...dealerships, known for charging HIGHER prices for parts than Auto part stores, GAVE him the parts he needed to fix his broken down car FOR FREE!?!  That NEVER happens!

So there he was, driving the car of a stranger, free parts from another stranger, and completely wowed by the generosity of others, who in his time of need, 
had rescued him.

We live in a day and age when picking up hitchhikers most likely will get you killed.  We live in a world where stopping to ask someone if they need help could be a hoax, and you might be then found "Dead in a Ditch" for your attempt at generosity....and misguided trust in humanity.  Yet, today, on a typical Friday in NW Ohio, TWO strangers showed great signs of generosity of spirit for their fellow man.  When Jerimy told the man who had come to his aid that he didn't have any cash on him to pay him for his help, but offered to at least pay of gas with his debit card, the man "Oh, no!  Just pay it forward, maybe help someone else out"..

Which is something Jerimy and I frequently make sure we do.  Whenever he and I are out together, and we see someone broke down on the road, or in need of assistance, we always stop to ask them if they need help.  Jerimy even picked up some hitchhikers once in the very same stretch that he broke down in who had run out of gas, he picked them up and drove them to Speedway in Delphos so they could get gas and then drove them back to their car, safe and sound.  Risky move...yep.  But it was the kind of generosity of spirit that this world needs most, and not just every once in a blue moon, but every day.

Two nights ago, I watched the movie "Fireproof"...someone I know told me that EVERY MARRIED COUPLE, and anyone who is about to get married should watch it....I was even told that it had saved the marriage of someone I knew...so I was curious, and it was free on Netflix, and I had the house to myself, so I watched it.  So much to relate to in that movie, seeings how I'd been down that road before with my Ex Husband.  But while it was a "religious movie" and there were a few parts that seemed kinda hokey, it had a fantastic message.  I watched it and then got Jerimy to watch some of it last night.

Being religious isn't popular, or mainstream these days.  Jerimy and I recently made the effort to start attending church more regularly...and then we had a few weeks where we didn't make it....and then today happened.  I think just reminding us that he appreciated our effort to come to him, so he came to us/Jerimy.  A sign of good faith perhaps if you will.  Not that God has nothing better to do than help a stranded motorist, but by sending people to his rescue, he just instilled in Jerimy that all the times he stopped to help others, well, it didn't go unnoticed.  If you're not "religious"...call it karma then.  Whatever your beliefs are about the world, the universe, the afterlife, etc.  If you put good into the world, not only are you making the world a better place to live, but.....I believe good comes back to you.

So I sincerely hope that you find this post in the spirit it was offered, as it was not intended to make anyone feel guilty about NOT helping others, or to say Jerimy and I are awesome people who always do the right thing...because GOD knows that's not true, we're far from saints...but to share with you something good, in a world that has a lot of bad in it.  A world filled with scam artists, and thieves, and liars.  A world where it's not common to be "neighborly" anymore,
 a world where your mom, your aunts and your friends all get robbed by the same guy...

a world where a grandma lies about her deformed granddaughter being kicked out of a KFC in order to play on people's sympathies to scam money from people.

It's disheartening to see bad things happen to good people...
but I promise you, good things happen to good people too.

So a big thank YOUUUUUUUUU
going out to the strangers who helped my beloved Jerimy today.
Your generosity did NOT go unnoticed or unappreciated!

Ever so Sincerely,

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