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Monday, April 21, 2014

Things that make me go.....ewwwww!

So for Jerimy and I's 4 year anniversary tomorrow, we went out to dinner yesterday.  The place we went, I hadn't been for quite a while....probably 10 years, but I decided to give it another go, merely because we were out on our motorcycles and I wanted to eat somewhere where the food was already ready, and we wouldn't have to just sit there and wait while wasting perfectly good daylight hours to ride.

I will however NOT name said place, so as to not ruin it for the rest of you.

So we walk in and take our seat, our waitress comes over and gives us some soda, and Jerimy and I head off to help ourselves.  It's that kind of place.

I get my first plate.  Some popcorn shrimp, a corn muffin, some Asian rice and a spring roll.  (weird combo I know)....Shrimp was good, everything else was disgusting.

Plate #2 - Steak, mac and a baked potato and some sweet cornbread stuffing.  Stuffing was cold.  Steak hurt my jaw to chew and the baked potato was good, except the cheese I put on it tasted like plastic and pretty much ruined the whole thing.

I still hadn't eaten much at this point, so I tried the taco bar, and some pot roast.  Pot roast was pretty good, the taco thing I made, one bite and I nearly threw up.  It was DISGUSTING!!  Truly inedible!

So while eating Jerimy says to me..."Is it just me or are all the waitresses around here a little trashy?"  I say to him, "Oh, I hadn't noticed"...just then one of the ones in our section, hollered out to a girl in the next section over "Yo, Latisha, Got any napkins!"....I looked to my left, and a woman had fallen out of her chair, and nobody even helped her up, she just SLOWLY got to her knees, and stood back up and went to get another plate of food.  Perhaps that's how you know you've had your fair share of food, when you fall off your chair, or you've consumed so much that the chair could no longer hold you?

I look at Jerimy and say "You know, now that you mention it....it is a little sketchy in here!"

After we gave up trying to find something worth the $$ we paid to eat, Jerimy went to the men's room, and I awaited at the the table.  I fixated on a couple food service workers behind the salad bar area.  They both had gloves on for handing the food, but the one stopped the other one, pointed to his beard, and then began trying to get something out of his beard...maybe crumbs?  Or some other foreign object to his facial hair.  She went to town WITH HER GLOVES ON, and then HE picked up and began stroking his beard also trying to groom the wiry hairs from whatever had disrupted them.  BOTH still wearing their gloves.

So gloves are supposed to protect food from human contamination.....right?  Well what if your gloves just went for a scavenger hunt in someone's beard hair?

The two of them immediately went back to chopping lettuce, and putting away "clean" dishes from the dishwasher room.  I didn't have the heard to tell Jerimy....I was afraid I'd ruin our anniversary dinner by him tossing his cookies all over the stale food covered carpet.

The good news is, neither of us keeled over dead, but the experience has left me a bit grossed out...and this from a girl who has been known to observe the 3 second rule and eat something I dusted off that had fallen on the ground!  I'm far from persnickety.

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