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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

There's no sadder sound in the world....

Than Taps played at a soldier's burial.

Chris' laying to rest was held yesterday on a warm and lovely Ohio day.

The sun shined down on us, to warm our saddened hearts and to have us looking up and knowing that Chris was smiling down upon all of us.

As I sat in my vehicle awaiting the start of the funeral procession, I turned on my radio to listen to quietly while I waited, and the song on the radio when I turned it on was Traveling Soldier...
It felt symbolic.
---------------------------------------------The cars that stopped along the side of the road as we passed made me well up with tears as I drove, showing respect for a soldier they didn't know...
pausing their busy day, bringing forward motion to a complete stop as we passed by...

We turned onto Dutch Hollow, our final road to travel before the cemetery....

Headlights as far as the eye could see behind me, and in front of me.

There's really no other way to know what "Army Strong" feels like, until you've been to a Military funeral.  To see the love, the support and strength that they give their fallen brother and the family of the lost.

If you ever want to feel proud to be an American, I urge you to attend one, and you'll never truly be the same again.  I know I won't be.

{Be sure to turn up your Volume for this}

Rest in Peace Chris.

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