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Monday, March 24, 2014

Inner Voices:

As many of you know, the tone around this blog as been quite somber due to the passing of my beloved Aunt, and then the passing of Chris Terry soon after.

 I say "passing" instead of "dying" because I feel like people "pass over" as opposed to any other notion of life and death. As you might of read a couple posts back, I did my Aunt's Eulogy, and it mostly came to me, what to write/say as I was driving to work one morning, driving and reflecting on what it was to lose someone like her. 

 My heart was so heavy, that my mind picked up the sentiment and began turning it into words. When the thoughts flowed from my mind and through me, I thought to myself how profound they sounded...it was then that I knew as soon as I got to work, I had to write them down before they forgot them.Which is what I did. 

Thirty minutes later, I had a two page Eulogy written and was forwarding it to my sister in Wisconsin, and to my friend Linda to get their thoughts on what I had written, IF it was appropriate to share....etc. 

In reading what I'd written, I couldn't help but feel like somehow, the sentiment, the meaningfulness of what I had written had been lost in translation from thought to word. In talking to my sister Angie, I said, why is it that when my brain generates things, I hear them in my head and they sound like Morgan Freeman....smooth, soulful, wise, PROFOUND, yet when I write them and read them back, they sound like a bad dollar store greeting card? She said, that's because your thoughts sounds like Morgan Freeman, and when you read things you wrote, you hear YOUR voice instead of his. Everything sounds great in the voice of Morgan Freeman! And she's right of course, I could listen to Morgan Freeman read me the telephone book, and not grow weary of it. 

But that leaves me to wonder, how is it that I'm practically and Albino I'm so white, I'm a girl in my 30's, yet my inner voice is a 76 year old MAN, with such lovely dark skin that if he and I were standing side by side, he would make me look nearly see-through.  

My inner voice is the exact OPPOSITE in appearance than my physical self.   

Strange, don't you think? 

I don't know what any of that means, all I know is, I LOVE Morgan Freeman, I LOVE that my brain decided to use the one VOICE that speaks to me in such a calm and wonderful way. I don't care how Morgan Freeman got into my brain, but I hope he knows that he can stay as long as he likes. 

 I mean, I got Morgan Freeman, can you imagine what it must be like for those people who got stuck with "Fran Drescher" or "Gilbert Gottfried"? 

If I'd have gotten either of them, I fear I'd be hauled off in a straight jacket in no time!

I <3 Morgan Freeman, as far as I'm concerned, he can take up residency in my head any ole time!

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