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Well let’s see. I was born during the Blizzard of 1978 in Lima, Ohio. I have lived in Ohio all my life. I like it here. We have corn fields instead of oceans, overpasses instead of mountains and fog instead of smog. Sure it's not the promise land, but sometimes one doesn't need postcard worthy beauty on the outside to have it elsewhere. I'm a writer for fun, a Paralegal for profession, and while one pays the bills, one feeds my imagination, or perhaps my imagination feeds my writing...either way, Writing is as much of who I am as the color of my eyes, or the way that I smile. Blogs are great communication tools, and I'm here to communicate with YOU...yeah, you who's reading this right now....*assuming anyone's out there* *crickets chirp* Alrightee then, IF anyone should find themselves here, be it by accident or on purpose, welcome, glad to have you aboard. Throw anchor, stay awhile! Sunshine & Smiles, ~Heather Lynn~

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Morning...AGAIN!

I hate to beat a dead horse here, but is it Summer yet?  I tell you, this winter's been brutal, and yes, before you say it, I KNOW that it's winter, and I live in Ohio...but where's our Ohio Winter Reprieve that we usually get?  In my lifetime, I remember more often than not, we get a nice 50-60 degree day at least once or twice a winter...two years ago, we got one once a month!  I remember this so well because it was the first year I was riding a motorcycle, and I got to get out and ride ONCE a MONTH ALL WINTER LONG!  *sighs*...what I wouldn't give to go out and ride right about now....do they even make snow chains for motorcycle tires? *winks*

So here's what has been going on inside my brain....first, we'll start with this morning!  I was really excited to get to work because at work, there's coffee!  mmmmmmmm....coffee!  I kinda quit making coffee at home these days, because I wanted going back to work to have ONE up-side to staying home in bed and not getting out of my pajamas.  That thing is COFFEE.  If I go to work, Coffee is my reward!  Just like a mouse on a wheel running for cheese.  I truly do miss my morning Splenda though.  My friend WES VANMETER ruined it for me though!  I tell you, Facebook is such a great tool for passing along BAD NEWS!  As it turns out, Splenda is apparently BAD FOR YOU!  I cannot tell you how sad this makes me!  I LOVE SPLENDA..Splenda is just plain SPLENDID in my opinion.  However, due to the following reasons I have stopped partaking in the splendid sweetness of Splenda.

R.I.P Splenda, you will be missed!

So this morning, as I partake in my now "less-sweet" liquid splendor known as coffee, I am also enjoying a favorite breakfast of mine, something that would make my old roommate and wonderful friend of many many years Amber Kimmet Kruse gag!  See, when we lived together, on 12th Street in Delphos, when we were young and unruly and drank way way too much than any young ladies should, we spent a lot of time hung over.  And when we'd role out of bed after an all night bender around 1:00-2:00 in the afternoon, we each had our morning hung over ritual of making our favorite hangover meal/cure before we settled onto our couches and chairs to spend the next six to eight hours of watching non-stop Lifetime movies.

Mine meal was "English muffins" with creamy peanutbutter with BBQ potato chips and a big glass of milk.  Amber's was LaChoy Stirfry from a can!  *gags*...that crap would stink up the whole house!  I mean, if I didn't feel queasy when I woke up, I sure would when Amber would start making her famous LACHOY hangover meal!  But the funny thing was, she thought my English muffin with PB & BBQ Chips was the most disgusting thing ever....and I thought the EXACT SAME THING about her LaChoy!  Good thing we loved EACH OTHER, or this may have presented a problem!

So Amber, if you're reading this, I ate your favorite meal to hate for breakfast....minus the coffee and BBQ Chips!  I wonder when the last time you had LaChoy for breakfast? *laughs*

You there, reading this, what's your hangover meal?  Is it gross?  Leave your mark...comment below in the comment section....


Lastly, I drove into Delphos Saturday to meet my family for Breakfast at Baked to Perfection....and while stopped at a stop sign, I saw a girl that I went to High School with, pass by me in a reddish/maroon colored mini van.  She had her daughter (i presume) with her, and I looked at her face and I thought, wow, it wasn't that long ago, that I saw this girl as a young girl, probably driving some junker high school driver car in the parking lot before Marching Band practice, or driving around town after a football game, with her whole life ahead of her....a totally unknown future.  And now, she's driving a mini van, and has a lovely daughter who she's giving the same opportunities and future possibilities that had once laid before her.  WE are the mothers and fathers of our town now.  And I don't know why this surprises me, I mean I'm 36 years old, I practically have a 16 year old step-son, I just don't know how it happens, one day you're a girl, and the next, somehow you realize you're a woman....and you never knew you'd made the leap.  And you say to yourself, "How did THAT happen?  When did it happen?...and why is it happening to me?"

But then you look at your children, or step children, or nieces or nephews, and you smile, because you know that while you may not have AS much life ahead of you as they do, but you know that you're going to get to see/watch them as they turn into the adult that you now find YOURself.  That's interesting don't you think?

I'm sorry to say, but I don't FEEL 36, Mostly I feel like an 18 year old stuck in the BODY of a 36 year old!


I guess, looking back, and thinking about life as a 36 year old, I think now more than ever, that it's truly important to make every day count.  Because as we age, time seems to go by faster and faster, years fly by nearly in the span of a few months...and before you know it, you'll find yourself wishing for more time.....but one thing I think is the coolest thing about being a WOMAN instead of a GIRL....is the idea that I'm no longer just a girl, I'm a woman who can do the things I want, I don't answer to anyone but myself...(and Jerimy of course on some things...cuz I love him to bits)....but my life is 100% mine to do what I want with....and I've got all the tools I need, to MAKE my life what I want it to be, or if I love it as is, I'm smart enough to ENJOY what I have and take the time to truly appreciate it.

So on that note....I leave you with a quote that I think means oh so much....




  1. All artifical sweetners are bad for you. If you need somethig sweet in your coffee try Sugar in the Raw (http://www.walmart.com/ip/13448719?wmlspartner=wlpa&adid=22222222227019382222&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=35460539196&wl4=&wl5=pla&wl6=54465926316&veh=sem) one packet is 20 calories and it is a bit better than white refined sugar. If you can manage to only use one it's better than anything artificial. :)

    1. What are your thoughts on Stevia? :)

  2. Enjoyed this posting. Also read your book. Dead in the Ditch and very much enjoyed it. The characters were portrayed to me more human. Not flashy. The end of the book was climatic. The characters especially those bad ones were well portrayed I clapped my hands when she got rid of them. Looking forward to reading morr

    1. Jennie A! That's great news to find out you read it! Even better when I can actually IMAGINE you clapping your hands! I love hearing reactions like that! Will you be going to to read #2 - The Ordeal? :)



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