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Well let’s see. I was born during the Blizzard of 1978 in Lima, Ohio. I have lived in Ohio all my life. I like it here. We have corn fields instead of oceans, overpasses instead of mountains and fog instead of smog. Sure it's not the promise land, but sometimes one doesn't need postcard worthy beauty on the outside to have it elsewhere. I'm a writer for fun, a Paralegal for profession, and while one pays the bills, one feeds my imagination, or perhaps my imagination feeds my writing...either way, Writing is as much of who I am as the color of my eyes, or the way that I smile. Blogs are great communication tools, and I'm here to communicate with YOU...yeah, you who's reading this right now....*assuming anyone's out there* *crickets chirp* Alrightee then, IF anyone should find themselves here, be it by accident or on purpose, welcome, glad to have you aboard. Throw anchor, stay awhile! Sunshine & Smiles, ~Heather Lynn~

Friday, March 7, 2014

A little humor for your Friday:

So as a woman, I've been programmed my entire life that women are to be alluring, sexy, ....teasingly so.  I've also been taught that men are very visual creatures, and you and I have both seen all the movies where women strip down to their underroos, do a little dance, or even I've seen it when a woman would put her panties into her man's pocket to be found later when they are apart...all to keep his mind occupied with visions of her in various scenes of undress and whatnot.

I think every red blooded American man who watched "Flashdance" remembers the scene where the main girl "Alex" the sexy dancer/welder takes her bra off under her shirt and pulls it out her shirt sleeve like it was nothing...while the man in her midst, practically falls out of his chair, fevered by the act...

Well, I'm no Alex the sexy welder/dancer....even though I do know how to weld, and I dance when I'm home alone and know that I won't be caught doing it.

But we all want to be attractive to our mate's , we all want to have that air of sexiness, to make them feel desire for us....I'm no different.  I want to always be the apple of Jerimy's eye, I want him to have eyes for me an nobody else....I want to keep things "fresh" in our relationship....

So the other day, I'm on the couch, and I'm preforming my usual ....HURRY UP AND GET THIS DANGED BRA OFF, my back is killing me routine.  Something that has become a necessity since my car accident a few years back...I have a lot of shoulder/neck/back/rib pain and when I get home, my bra shoots off and across the room like the cork on a Holiday Bottle of Champagne!  I sometimes eve say WOOOHOOOO when I do it.  As it truly is such a relief to get the weight of the world, also known as my boobs OFF of my shoulders!

Here's a few visuals that should help you understand:

 {they really do make an e-card for everything these days don't they!?!?"

Anyways...so there I was, taking my bra off, ready to settle in for a couple episodes of Melrose Place re-runs on Netflix for the evening...and Jerimy was in "the big red chair" diagonally from me, sharpening his World War II bayonet/knife he bought at the gun show.  I did the ole "flashdance" inside shirt bra removal technique and held my black lace bra in my hands, and without even giving it another thought, I tossed it over at Jerimy...

Now, for those of you who know me, KNOW that I have been blessed/cursed by my grandmother's GINORMOUS chesty assets, and I'm definitely my grandmother's granddaughter if you catch my drift.  So when I flung my bra at Jerimy....the sheer size, weight, amount of metal underwire was like I was tossing a five pound hand weight at him.

 It landed with a thud, nearly causing severe blunt force trauma to my handsome lovable Man, and I couldn't help but die laughing as I said "so, was that sexy or what?"  He looked at me, wide eyed and with a smirk with a look of "what the heck was that about?" and I shrugged and said "they do it in the movies!  It's supposed to be sexy!  Was it sexy for you?"  He laughed, and I laughed, and then he put my bra on his head and wore it like a hat.  More like an over-sized yamaka, but you know what I mean!

I know the newness and excitement of a NEW relationship is ever so seductive and that FIRE you have for each other is overwhelmingly awesome and all-consuming....but I'll never trade what we have now, that total and utter comfort, companionship, love and kinship that I have with him now, for the exciting beginnings we once had.  I love that we're not new anymore, that we're a pair of old shoes...comfortable, broke in just perfectly, it's heaven really.

In the beginning, sexy is throwing your bra at a man and then having a romp in the sack.  Later, sexy is throwing your bra at your man, have him put it on his head and you both laughing and truly enjoying a moment with him happily...THAT is the kind of sexy only time and unconditional love buy you!

Luv you J!

Happy Friday, go home tonight and hug and smooch your loved ones...
You give what you get in this life,
Put something good out there...
and watch it come back to you!


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  1. Love it!! It's like reading a romance novel :)


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