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Friday, December 28, 2012

I started writing a new book this week, I've written 8 pages.  I'm happy to have it started, but a bit distracted and feel like I'm not giving it the attention and "heart" it deserves....

Every notice that some days, words don't express a sentiment quite like music does?

I started my day off today with some super strange dreams....then on my way to work, I sang...and I don't mean a little, I sang a lot!  Loud!  and with gusto!  I sang this..

...this little tune just makes my heart happy...you know...that kind of song that just gets in your blood and is like fizzy happy bubbles coursing all through your veins?!  This song does that for me.  Also it kind of reminds me of "The Notebook"...when the chorus belts out "you're my sweetheart" I could just hear "Noah" telling "Alley" she was his sweetheart.

I love how a great novel/movie, makes characters real.  Like Alley and Noah are real people, and I know them.  Their voices are familiar to me, their story a wee little bit part of my own because of how well I know it and have connected with it.
I love Nicholas Sparks for writing it.

Did you know that the very first novel I ever read by Nicholas Sparks was "Message in a Bottle"?!  Yep, I bought it, I read it and then upon completing the last page, in a rage, I threw the book across the room and into the trashcan.  I don't believe I've ever been so mad at an author in my entire life. 
*laughs to self*
(No hard feelings Nicholas Sparks, but you broke my heart that day!)

I mean, what's the point of a great love story if one of the beloved's dies and leaves the other broken hearted?  
What was the point?  
Is pain the point?

I guess for me, Nicholas Sparks points out the cold hard truth that nobody gets "forever" with their loved ones.  One day, we all die.  Some people get 50 years together, while others only get 5....while others are taken away before it even gets a chance to get started.

Just something to think about....

Squeeze your loved one a little tighter today, bet they'll love ya for it!

Enjoy the video I've posted here...I hope it makes your soul sing the way it does mine.

Happy Friday.



  1. I had never heard that song until now. I really like it!!! I love to get in the car and on the road and sing. This is my own private time where I can sing whatever I want, however I want. My favorite time is on my way to the lake in the summer. Two hrs of just me, my thoughts, and singing. It's very therapeutic for me. By the time I reach my destination I am in a great mood!

  2. Cheri - The song's catchy ain't it?!?! I've really been digging it. And i love when people share new music with me, so I like to return the favor when and where I can. And I agree, singing in the car...OH, how therapeutic!

    Currently, I'm listening to "Gold Digger" by Jamie Foxx and Kanye! lol


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