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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dead in A Ditch has a Face!!!!


The cover shoot for Dead in A Ditch has come.....

and here's the proof!

Let me know which is your cover of choice!


Yours Excitedly,


  1. Are you seriously putting yourself on the cover?
    I like image #3!

    1. Well I take that as quite the compliment! Sami, my actual BLonde 14 year old model is gorgeous! she is wearing my wig though! :)

  2. I like image #5. It appears as though there was an effort to conceal the body or the victim tried to move closer to the vegetation before passing on. I like the distant the photo was taken from and the angle. Also I like the text and the way it is set away from the photo. The dripping blue text contrasts well with the photo too.
    Image #7 would have been the best had it not been the light in the background.

    1. So you don't like the sun in the background? the voters on my facebook page, the all liked #7 BECAUSE of the sun....hmmmm..interesting! I'm loving the feedback i'm getting, and I appreciate yours!

      Take the "text" with a grain of salt when voting though however, font is likely to change when trying to merge with software for the publisher.

      Thanks for voting BB!

      Missed ya around here.



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