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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Office Makeover.....So good, I can't tear myself out of my NEW & Improved office space

When We bought our house, THIS is what I had to work with for an office.
It smelled, it was stained, it was a disaster.  Hideous really!

So before we moved in, I painted a nice pale purple-ish color thinking it would be a nice color for an office.  I put all my stuff in there that makes me creative, I THOUGHT it would be perfect.

As it turned out, it wasn't.

I felt LESS motivated to write than ever.

It was a complete disaster, I didn't want to even go in there, let alone spend TIME in there....


This was the state of things when I'd decided it was time to make a change...

The pictures hanging from the bookshelf weren't always there btw, those are my character sketches, I like to be able to see all my characters while I write about them.

And so I struck out at another try at making myself an office that I could be proud of....
One that I would WANT to inhabit.
One that would have me enamored by all things writing...

I picked colors, to which EVERY SINGLE PERSON advised me NOT to pick the color that I had in my head that I wanted.

And while others maybe would have caved and conformed to something tamer...

This writer went with her gut, and stuck with my favorite color of blue....


Welcome to the Office I CAN NOT pull myself out of!

I'm so smitten, If I wasn't already engaged, I'd propose to this room.

I got a new kick@ss desk that makes me feel downright fancy just to sit at, let alone type!!

I'm so happy with all my hard work!

I'm in writer heaven....floating in a sea of sentiment and endless blue...

Don't mind my dog beds....they are portable....

And yes, that is a ROTARY phone you see there on the right!
I'm a sucker for nostalgia!

I'm so happy with all my hard work!

I'm in writer heaven....floating in a sea of sentiment and endless blue...


Also, MUST send a big big big THANK YOU out to Patti & Roger Calvert, who "ENABLE" me to aspire to be inspired.
I COULD NOT ask for a better future Mother- & Father-in-Law!

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  1. A very cozy little office! That's where you're doing all your writing these days?


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