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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Under the Influence...

of anesthesia....

Today my dearest "future step-son" "E" had his tonsils and adenoids removed, and his sinuses scraped, and a tube put in his ear.  Fun right?

Well, the fun wasn't him being hacked up by a surgeon we don't know, but by the lingering effects of anesthesia as he came out of his medically induced unconsciousness.

He did fun things like pick up his arm, and let it drop, over and over saying "My arm is so heavy!" in total amazement.

then he told Jerimy that he thought the doctor had made him bigger, because he felt like he was bigger!  

lol...poor little peanut, he's going to sober up and realize he's the same size as he was before, just minus some body parts that he once had.


I had my appendix out awhile back, and boy if there was YouTube back then, I'd of been in real trouble, because here's what I did in recovery.

1st - I ripped the oxygen hose outta my nose and started flailing about.  I then began gasping for breath, heaving and wailing about saying I couldn't breath...the recovery nurse said, "Dear, if you couldn't breath, you couldn't talk to tell me you can't breathe"

2nd - then I started screaming that I couldn't see, I couldn't breathe and I was blind!  My nurse said "Honey, you have to open your eyes to see, you're eyes are just closed!  Just open your eyes dear, you're not blind, you'll see"

3rd -   (After I figured out how to open my eye lids)...the saga continues....I started screaming that I didn't have any panties on!  I yelled at the very nice recovery staff accusing them of steeling my panties, I was naked and they STOLE my panties.  I was making quite the ruckus, until my good friend Michelle Bayman came to my aid.  Poor recovery nurse was probably beside herself with what to do with me, so they brought in a pro...my high school classmate, good friend, and wonderful Surgery Assistant / NOW RN.

She assured me that nobody had stolen my panties, that they were with all my other clothes, and that I would get them back once I was back in my room.

When they wheeled me back to my room from recovery, my family was waiting outside, I still wasn't done terrorizing people, my mom leaned in to say something to me, or just smile at me or whatever, and I grabbed a fist ful of her shirt, said "ooooooohhhhhh...pretty!  I have the same shirt!"  and then I got grabby and tried to rip it off of her stating that she was wearing MY shirt!  Which for the record, I did NOT have the same shirt at home, I'd never seen her shirt before in my life...

So today, my dearest and sincerest wishes and respect goes out to people in the medical field, and especially those poor poor recovery room nurses who get to deal with the insanity that is  people coming down off medical grade anesthetics.

And a special thank you goes out to my dearest Michelle, who is my one friend, who I can honestly say "knows me inside and out"

I still blush sometimes when I see her, she's also my only friend to have ever seen me naked!...Naked AND unconscious!  Well, that I know of anyway!

Five days til Christmas!

Are you ready?


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