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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Big Time!

This weekend I had my first book signing after the release of my most recent novel's publication.  It was at Hearth and Home in Van Wert, which for those of you who are not familiar, is an assisted living facility.  Very nice place, and the people there were so friendly and fun, I can't thank them enough for having me out for their event.

Senior Citizens are so much fun, I can't tell you how many times they made me smile, Like for instance when two ladies got tangled up in front of my table one with a walker, another with an electric scooter, they both laughed and were so funny about it!

Then the other lady who cruised past me, and said "I BUY MY BOOKS FROM THE LIBRARY" and then just kept on walking as I hollered out..."me too!" to her...she was sassy!

And let us not forget the wonderful resident of H&H who told us the story about reading 50 Shades of Grey OUT LOUD to the other residents during story time!!  Talk about pure amusement for me and Mike (my right hand man at book signings)....

I joke with people and say "You know you've made it big when you're doing the Assisted Living / Nursing Home Circuit" but you know, if this is the only circuit I'm ever a part of, I'll always be ever so thankful for the ride!

Special Thank you to Stacy Klint & Lisa Stemen!

Next Stop:  PUTNAM COUNTY!!!

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