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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tales from a Book Signing

This is the sign that was there to greet me upon entering Baked to Perfection Saturday morning for my "book signing and breakfast" event that they hosted.  Made my heart go a'flutter.

My editor and partner in crime Rachel was there along with Mike, my IT guy/business adviser whom also makes my world a much nicer place....Jerimy, my wonderful and indispensable boyfriend, my mom, my aunt's, my cousins...we all showed up an hour early to partake in a pre-book signing breakfast.  I ordered my favorite egg and sausage sandwich on wheat bread texas toast with colby-jack cheese, and a large glass of milk, with a glass of ice to pour it in...I know, weird, but I like my milk super cold....it's divine, it really is.

Breakfast had a feel of excitement and electricity...as we all had no idea what to expect, this being our first REAL book related event, but we were optimistic.  Or should I say, I was optimistic, Mike was confident, and Rachel was supportive!  God bless em!

I could barely eat my sandwich....Rach smiled reassuringly reminding me that everything was going to be fine....and by the time I moved over to the table we'd had reserved for us, I was almost believing her...everything WOULD be just fiiiiiiine.
UNTIL....I saw him!
"Him" being the reporter from WLIO Lima.
I gave Rachel an accusing look and said "Who called the Press!?!??!"
I'm quite certain all the color went out of my face, my stomach began to boil with nausea and all my muscles went stiff... simultaneously, which I have to tell you is NOT an awesome feeling to have on such a glorious Saturday morning.

Rachel looked fairly innocent as she said 'Hey, don't look at me, I didn't!"
I looked at Mike, my mom....Jerimy...they too looked totally as surprised as I was.

He introduced himself and started to set up his camera's tripod....
I swallowed back buckets of fear and partially digested egg sandwich.
He told me how he thought this would make for an interesting new story and had come on his own fruition to do the story, that nobody had called him, and I felt honored and yet equally woozy.

By this time, people had begun to trickle in....two of my beloved teachers from High School...
Mrs. Baker and Ms. Yoder were seated a few tables away from where the reporter sat up to tape the interview, and they too had wide eyes and smiles....it seemed like everyone was in as high of spirits as I was...you know, minus the vomit in my throat... *smiles*

Here's the interview:


The highlights of the day....

I finally got a hug from Mr. Dillworth, a local hero of mine...
If you read the last blog, you would understand why this particular hug was ever so gratifying! 
*laughs and blushes*
I'm still a dummy over that whole deal!
But HIM...he's awesome...if you haven't hugged a cop today, I highly recommend it!
Betty Dillworth...thanks for sharing yours for hugging purposes with me! I am honored!

{and 'no' my hair and eyes aren't usually so black! :)  But those smiles...they were genuine!}

I had one reader come up to the table and say "Ok, which one of you is my new favorite author?"  Talk about a compliment....I nearly fell out of my chair...especially when she, and her fellow reader pals started talking about MY book's characters by name, "Knox is my new Christian Grey"....I mean, can you imagine better compliments?  I was absolutely joyous to hear people talk about my book's characters like they knew them personally....completely awesome it was.

It was just so so so very wonderful to have met the people who came up to get a book or to get their book signed, and so many of my friends (who knew I'd be nervous) showed up to show their support and to be a friendly face in the crowd I would need to see....

Jerimy sat patiently and probably bored stiff the ENTIRE signing like a champ along side of my mother who was happy to interject here in there with factoids readers would be interested to know...

I really could not of asked for a better day, a better turn out, better readers or a better community to have had my first book signing in!

Rachel and Mike and I left that day with such a wonderful high from all the positivity...I dare say it bordered on giddiness!

Thank you everyone who came
Thank you WILO guy for making my pale skin ever paler, momentarily. *winks*
And thanks Stacy and Alex and everyone at Baked to Perfection for hosting us ever so graciously!

I never 'really' felt like an "Author"....
but now, because of all of you....
I feel it!

Truly Yours,
~Heather Lynn Osting~

Special thank you's also to:
Rachel Graham
Mike Graham
Deborah Grothouse
Diane Boratko
Susan Spears
Rebekah Boratko
Stacy & Sami Klint
Stephanie Stemen
Kathy Newland
Patti Calvert
Beth Huffman
Sheri Miller
Mrs. Betty Dillworth & Officer Gary Dillworth
Linda Baker
Arnita Yoder
Kim Hodgson
Amy Wannemacher
Donna Klinger
Ashley Wannemacher
Mary Meyer
Michelle Bayman
Amber Kruse
Jen Vonderwell

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