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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Day Purple Rain

So I'm really loving my XM radio free trial in my new car....lately I've been obsessed with the Garth Channel.  First of all, I have, do and always will love that damned Garth Brooks, he is just one of the coolest, isn't he?  Those of you who've seen him in concert, who grew up on him, who know just how electrifying he is....those of you who don't, I recommend you go see a show, even if you don't love country music, you can still love Garth Brooks.

Anyway, on "The Garth Channel", you don't just get to listen to Garth's music, but you get to listen to songs Garth likes.  Which is kind of all sorts of awesome to me, to know what songs HE himself likes.  Well this morning, he said that the word "Genius" in the music industry is thrown around too often for his taste, he said in his eyes, Sir Paul, Dillon, and Prince.

And then he played "Purple Rain", and in the middle of my morning commute, on Valentines day, while in fine spirits, Prince sang me into tears.  The sun was shining, it's Valentines day, I was chipper for morning (I'm not a morning person)...but with the guitar intro nearly alone, Prince made Purple Rain, and I could no longer feel the sun.

I haven't been through a break up in a long time, Being married to my favorite person in the world has me hoping to NEVER have that feeling again, but this morning, on THIS particular morning, I felt that twinge in my stomach that only a broken heart can cause.  That feeling of despair, longing, hurt, being all alone, guilt, self loathing and  regret all rolled into one!

There are a few bands/musicians that in our lifetimes I think we develop some sort of kindred-ness with.  For me, it's always been Aerosmith, The Eagles, Prince, and Kid Rock.  (strange list, but what can I say, they are my soul-music-mates.)

With Prince's death this past year, he's left an empty spot where a living breathing legend once was, and as corny as it sounds, the world is less colorful without him in it.

So this morning, with a Garth Brooks intro, to the genius that is Prince, Purple Rain brought me to tears, on valentines day, while in the sunshine of a perfectly normal morning.  I LOVE that Prince can speak to me any time, any where, and TOUCH my heart, like only he can.

If you've not listened to Prince in awhile, do!  The man can say things with a guitar that most people couldn't say with every word in the dictionary, in every language known to man.

Happy Valentines day to you all....

Happy Valentines day to my Hubs, I love you.

And Happy Valentines day to Prince in Heaven, Gone, but absolutely never to be forgotten.....PRINCE.


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