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Monday, October 26, 2015

Wild Goose Chase

So you all know how I LOVE to try new things....things that interest me, mystical things, supernatural things, un-explainable things....things I don't understand, but want to...I'm always keeping my eyes and ears open for new opportunity to learn, explore and to experience various things in life, and this past weekend, I was so excited to take part in a Meditation clinic at our local Martial Art's Center in Delphos:  Lear's Martial Arts.

I saw it posted on their facebook page and I thought, "I've always been interested in learning to meditate...I want to go check that out!"  And so I did.  I was prepared for a day of sitting on a giant pillow, drifting in and out of various states of consciousness...You know, like this:

{I'm in this crowd somewhere}

However, what I hadn't anticipated was I was also going to be taught a "meditation in motion" type of practice, which looks like this:

This being only ONE of the moves out of the 64 moves this particular sequence contains.
It's aptly named "The First 64"....

This Guy: {the one in black}...
Told us that "this might not be for everyone...and it might not be for you "right now", "some of you may be saying to yourself, I'm so never doing this again after I walk out of this camp!"

To be honest, imagining myself in my living room doing the forms that I had learned didn't seem like anything I would EVER do on my own....First Jerimy (my husband) would have me committed as being totally insane (Not going to lie, you DO look mildly insane to anyone who's not used to seeing something like this before)...anyhoo, so at the end of the day that started at 10 a.m. and went until 5:00 p.m. on a rainy day in Delphos, Ohio....I was thinking...what on earth did I get myself into!
*laughing to myself*
I like to also be able to laugh at myself when I do get myself into strange scenarios that I never see coming.  Learning Wild Goose Qigong being one of those kind of off the wall scenarios that I never thought I'd know anything about!

So after a long day, I went home, made Jerimy and I a bowl of Chicken Corn Chowder soup, watched an episode of Narcos on Netflix and called it an early night.

As it turns out Wild Goose Qigong really takes it out of you!
Surprisingly though NONE of the moves we were taught were strenuous physically, you found yourself heating up like a oven from the inside out.  One  minute I was wearing pants and a hooded sweatshirt, the next shorts & a T-shirt.  I was cooking.  That being just an interesting observation from the day.

The next day I had "Open Houses" to do all day for my Real Estate Career and a work meeting prior to.  I generally have found that on beautiful days like yesterday.....sunny, mildly warm...I'd rather be doing ANYTHING than sitting at an open  house, hoping that someone comes.  It's very much like being in school...staring out the window, counting down the minutes until recess.
Lately, I've found that even though I hide it well, I felt kind really grumpy about having to get up, spend my entire Sunday sitting inside someone else's house on such a beautiful day.
Not yesterday.
I woke up EARLY ( I never do that)
I got a shower and dressed and ready to go...I even did my hair with plenty of time to spare.
I printed out my info sheets for my listings
I even had time to grab breakfast before my 10:30 a.m. meeting!

I felt um, strangely "happy" and "light"...and "restored"....those are the only words I can think to really describe the feeling.  My neck didn't hurt, my back didn't hurt, I wasn't stiff anywhere or hurting anywhere in my body like so often I am due to that car accident several years ago that has never allowed me to feel 100% since.

No headache, no brain fog, no tiredness, no TMJ pain, no mopey spirit, I was smiling and had no idea why...and all I could think was: 
"OH SHIT, It's the QIGONG!  

I said with a laugh to myself while fake mocking waving my fist in the air as if he could somehow hear or see me doings so.  The funny thing was, in the state I was in, I was absolutely INcabable of being angry or discontented in that moment.  I felt lighter than I've felt in two years I bet.  That's no exaggeration either.

I opened myself up, and with a "MIGHTY YET SILENT SWOOSH"....I was filled up with something I don't necessarily understand, I surely hadn't anticipated it but there is something to it...there's something there...and this coming from someone who was thinking to myself all day during class..."you want me to do what with my arms?"

I have an open mind, I do.  I took this class not knowing exactly what to expect, and I got the unexpected.  I never once thought to myself "this is hooey" OR "OMG, this is the divine answer to all of life's problems" either.  This is just my honest opinion about my experience.  I challenge you all to get out and try something new, something to expand your mind, or something that allows you to get in touch with your spiritual side....I'm telling you, you never know when you might stumble over something amazing.

Your Light as a Feather Friend,


  1. I have to get into that meditation stuff. But my mind wanders too much. Or maybe that's why I need it?

  2. Thanks for posting about your experience. I do some QiGong moves every morning and I always laugh at some of them but they make me feel better physically and emotionally so I make it a point to do it.


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